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How many different jobs or vocations have you had during your life to date?

By jardinier ·
I will start the ball rolling with my contribution. These are in chronological order, and bear no relation whatsoever to the time spent in each job.

1. Driveway attendant.
2. Cadet radio engineer.
3. Journalist.
4. Trainee psychiatric nurse.
5. Picture framer.
6. Taxi-truck driver/furniture removalist.
7. Public service clerk.
8. Journalist (again).
9. Gardener.
10. Volunteer counsellor/social worker.
11. Busker (vocal and guitar).
12. Bookshop sales assistant.
13. IT novice.
14. Website publisher.

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In order of appearance...

by Jessie In reply to How many different jobs o ...

They are...

* babysitter
* cashier
* Mom
* returned items stocker
* Door to Door Perfume sales
* Copier repair person
* Helpdesk
* Bench Tech
* The WHOLE IT department (small company)
* Sr. Helpdesk
* Relay Operator
* Pizza Delivery
* Deskside support rep
* Network Services rep

Of course, the one job that I've gladly done all these other jobs to support is the job of Mom. :)

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Most important Position

by BFilmFan In reply to In order of appearance...

Of course being a mother is the single most important one in your list.

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Most EVERYTHING position

by Jessie In reply to Most important Position

Mom is the position that's been most fun, most challenging, most learning experience, most entertaining, most frustrating, most stressful, most consuming, most liberating, most enlightening, and downright most enjoyable!

I'm a Mom of 4 and another on the way!

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Ain't that the truth

by TITSSNI In reply to Most important Position

Being a Mom is all that and more and adds to what a previous posts said that being a Dad was the most important job he ever had.

Thumbs up to the Moms and Dads in IT :-)

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They add up..

by jdmercha In reply to How many different jobs o ...

When you include part-time and temporary jobs.

Substitute paper carrier
Retail clerk - only for one week
Lot attendant - F/t anf P/T at a car dealership
Mold Press operator - Summer employment
Lab assistant - P/T at College
Draftsman/Sr. Draftsman - F/T While student P/T
Associate Engineer/Sr. Associate Engineer - after graduating from college
Instructor - P/T, Twice about 7 years apart
Procurement Engineer - My 2nd real company
Design Engineer - On the side
Computer sales - Lasted about a month
Tech support - transferd from sales
Manager of tech support - Company folded
Systems analyst - Contract work
Network Admin - hired after contract
Computer Consultant - on the side
Director of Technology

I thinks that's all.

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My checkered past....

by jellybeenz In reply to How many different jobs o ...

shampoo girl
retail clerk
burgers & fries technician
graphic artist (t-shirts, etc)
graphic artist (signage)
helicopter crewchief (Army)
shelf stocker
Full-time student (and Mom again....)
programmer/analyst,DB admin,IT generalist (last 4 jobs)

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I think this is all

by Bob in Calgary In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Boat Builder
Telecom trainee
Navy Apprentice
Junior telecom engineer
Systems engineer
X25 installation and support technician
Field service supervisor
PC repair tech
Computer service rep
PC consultant
Network/server analyst
Computer support analyst
Desktop support analyst
Infrastructure team leader
Security coordinator
IT security team leader

Only 13 different organisations since 1974 in 2 countries

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Crazy... this is what I've done - Don't Laugh

by house In reply to How many different jobs o ...

...I'm being honest

1) Hockey referee/linesman
2) Carpet/flooring cleaning/restoration
3) Busker too ... I made more money per hour than any other job since
4) Convenience store manager
5) Department store maintenance
6) Department store shipping/receiving
7) Information Technologist (health care)
ISP/Telecom Tech Support/Sales/Administration

From about #3 to #6... I had multiple streams of income and was also attending school on and off.

* During the entire period, I was also a sort of freelance tech.

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What's to laugh at?

by Oz_Media In reply to Crazy... this is what I'v ...

You spread your wings and went with the flow it sounds. You did what you either felt like doing or what you needed to do, better than doing what you are expected or supposed to do.

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I was a Busker

by house In reply to What's to laugh at?

I thought maybe some of our more conservative peers would find it amusing that I performed for money. I also thought that our American friends would look at the hockey referee position and say "typical" (for a Canadian).

My positions have been more along the lines of a "Joe job", and most of the other peers have a 'career oriented' type history. Also... I'm only 25. :)

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