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How many different jobs or vocations have you had during your life to date?

By jardinier ·
I will start the ball rolling with my contribution. These are in chronological order, and bear no relation whatsoever to the time spent in each job.

1. Driveway attendant.
2. Cadet radio engineer.
3. Journalist.
4. Trainee psychiatric nurse.
5. Picture framer.
6. Taxi-truck driver/furniture removalist.
7. Public service clerk.
8. Journalist (again).
9. Gardener.
10. Volunteer counsellor/social worker.
11. Busker (vocal and guitar).
12. Bookshop sales assistant.
13. IT novice.
14. Website publisher.

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Most peers

by Oz_Media In reply to I was a Busker

Well we see most peers here as having been to school, college, training for certs and then entering a chosen field.

It's okay for some and I have no isse with it, it certainly wouldn't fulfill MY life though.

You also get many of these same people complaining here on a regular basis that they have done all this work, lost their job and can't find any work.

What happens if after 4 years of training , your industry dies?

I spent 6 years in training, as an auto tech (specifically with 2 additional years Ford and Honda diagnostic tech) So while I mock training, I am at least confident I will always be able to fall back on it as needed. It's not my chosen career though.

As for busking, there are a lot of signed and successful bands that busk for kicks, or just to play some music between gigs.

People that want to play music will play music, wherever and when ever they can, stardom isn't everything to many, most are more than happy paying the bills while playing music.

That is really what they consider success, doing what they want and paying the rent with it, FAR more important than making a bunch of money in a job you don't like.

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Only 25 ?

by jardinier In reply to I was a Busker

Now you are making my life look boring in comparison.

So I will embellish my activities up to age 25.

1. Driveway attendant.
2. Worked in an electronics factory for 12 months as part of my Radio Engineering Diploma Course (which I never completed).
3. Dropped out of university twice, without ever sitting for an exam.
4. Gardener.
5. Trained and qualified as a journalist on the Sydney Morning Herald.
6. Dropped out to "seek the Truth."
7. Trainee psychiatric nurse.
8. Got married.
9. Worked in the same electronics factory.
10. Wife absconded with a guy from Fresno, Ca.

Yep, fitted all that in before I turned 26.

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THat must be why I don't remember

by Oz_Media In reply to Only 25 ?

Between 19 and 25; I was in a coma, toured all over the world with heavy metal bands twice, did HEAPS of drugs in insane proportions, worked a few sales jobs, went to jail for a little bit and got divorced, plus much I just don't remember. Of course in no particular order and often at the same time.

No wonder it's all a blur! It was an extension of my teens, which were just practice for my 20's.

Glad I got it all out of my system now!

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To: OZ and Julian

by house In reply to Only 25 ?

I left out the dark side of my 19-25 era. Despite various 'bad habits', quitting school twice, and walking in a sedated stupor, I always managed to hold down a job and live independant of anyone else. I didn't and won't elaborate... TR is not the place to trade war stories. :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to To: OZ and Julian

Perhaps a type, you lived INdependant of everyone else?

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by house In reply to dependant? was a typing error. I've never had to rely on any social programs or family for money. What is funny about me is that, when I quit a job, I never have something else lined up, yet I always come through in the end. I've paid all of my bills, I've never held back on my rent, yet I've dropped thousands and thousands of dollars on good times (turning into not so good times) and still living life with cash in my pocket. I'm starting to learn though, that I have certain goals in mind that are going to take a little bit of discipline on my part. The only bad habits I have left are smoking, coffee, fast food, and TR crack!!! :)

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You bet

by Oz_Media In reply to dependant?

But you better watch out, some people think that's pretty sketchy! :)

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What's sketchy?

by house In reply to dependant?

My brain? :)

Are you talking about the new TR slogan?

Are you talking about social programs? I stand very firm in my opinion of social programs... considering that I've worked my whole life, what do you think my opinion might be? I worked full time and finally followed through with an educational pursuit after 2 other miserable attempts... and I still owe $13,000 on a loan that I am paying off. Meanwhile, my girlfriend who quit a job, only to be fired from another one, obtained an Employment Insurance benefit program that paid for her entire course... 12,000 tuition, 1,000 books, and 8,000 living expenses, while I struggled through the poverty of the 'working man'. I still have hard feelings about such issues. My "left wing" is most definitely weaker than my "right".

Ohhh.... I just read the post down below here where you are arguing with someone who claims that a work history with brief stops is sketchy. I'll read on. I think that someone who is raised in a pampered home, got good grades, attended University, and got the golden job afterwards, is sketchy!!! I'm proud to say that I can stand around by myself downtown at 4:00 AM and still keep my head up while walking at a comfortable pace. I hate these yuppies.

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by Oz_Media In reply to dependant?

I think you got it, I'd already copied the URL to the clipboard for my reply then read the "ooooohhhh!" AHA! He got it! No doubt, and BANG on the head. Oh, the stories! My lord! Anyhow, that's best saved for some other campfire I think. :)

I don't think that poster is a "preppie", or anything in this case just a non-thinker in many cases. Some great comments and some that are somewhat 'awf'. I have been accused of it too, I found that after a while here I had developed a different approach to reading and trying to really understand the post before replying. Also maybe a web search to confirm thought or provide example too.

I would say otherwise in this case, predetermined, rash conclusions.

Here's a trip, I almost said enjoy your weekend and had to it the weekend NOW? I actually had to look at the day on my watch!

My world has been so WHACK for the past few months I have completely lost track of time. Almost like a long camping trip or something!!

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by house In reply to dependant?

Yeah... after reading the posts that lead to that discussion, I don't think that dafe2 is that kinda person at all. I am quick to jump when I see that kind of input. I should've read everything... oh well... my comment stands, but it doesn't really apply to the discussion below.

Weekend? I'm going out to chop wood all day tomorrow again, and then I have to do 9 to 9 on Monday and Tuesday to kick off the week. I usually don't notice the weekend when it comes.

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