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How many different jobs or vocations have you had during your life to date?

By jardinier ·
I will start the ball rolling with my contribution. These are in chronological order, and bear no relation whatsoever to the time spent in each job.

1. Driveway attendant.
2. Cadet radio engineer.
3. Journalist.
4. Trainee psychiatric nurse.
5. Picture framer.
6. Taxi-truck driver/furniture removalist.
7. Public service clerk.
8. Journalist (again).
9. Gardener.
10. Volunteer counsellor/social worker.
11. Busker (vocal and guitar).
12. Bookshop sales assistant.
13. IT novice.
14. Website publisher.

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Did you find the truth?

by house In reply to Only 25 ?

I think that I found the truth a couple of years ago...

We were driving down the highway loaded on pi stamps, listening to Underworld live, and dodging construction pilons. All of the colours in my field of vision were contracting in a spiral motion and expanding back out again. Needless to say, we are very lucky that we were alone on the road. STUPID

I feel that I've done some retarded things in my quest for the truth... not to mention the danger that anyone faced when they either hung out with us or even crossed our pathes. The worst part of it... I miss every second of those days.

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Too many times

by Oz_Media In reply to Did you find the truth?

FAR too many times to even begin here.

I think I found the real truth when I was broadsided by a firetruck when I had a relapse from being hit by a drunk in a semi and passed out behind the wheel.

I was left in a coma for a little over 6 weeks, had to learn walking, talking, and basic motor skills all over again. I didn't have an out of body or after life experience, that I am aware of, but the trees looked all REALLY green and the air seemed twice as fresh when I woke up. (thinking my brother was Santa, at the end of March mind you) :)

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In my case

by house In reply to Too many times

That's exactly the kind of thing that could've happened, and that's why I'm ashamed to say that I miss those days.

I found that it took a good year to get everything out of my system (psychologically, it's still there). I saw an interview with a writer who had an addiction to alcohol. He said that when he snapped out of it, everything seemed fresh and new again... like he was a newborn baby.

I have to say that this made me realize that that is exactly how I felt coming down from my cloud. The world didn't seem so dark anymore. I enjoyed doing simple things like grabbing a movie or going to the mall with my girlfriend. I found that I enjoyed waking up with the sun and going to bed before midnight. I don't think that I saw noon-hour daylight for about 4 or 5 years during those younger days.

Regarding something else that you mentioned - ever woken up in the middle of the night and you can't move a muscle? You are paralized in fear for no apparent reason. You can see through the eyes of something that is coming towards you from within your home, like a friggin' nightmare... it gets closer and closer until you can see yourself lying there for a brief second. Whoosh!! You snap out of it in the coldest sweat that you've ever had. I don't know what kind of dream that is, but I don't recommend it. It happens once in a blue moon before I hit REM, when I am still kinda half awake. Maybe that's what it is... I don't know... nor do I care to know.

LOL... I just re-read my post and realized that it may just be the words of a freak. Time to go to bed. :)

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Oh don't get me wrong, I didn't get my act together or nothin'

by Oz_Media In reply to Too many times

I am just saying it was a new lease on life. If anything I went from a high-strung, fast money focused person to being a relatively laid back, analytical and patient person.

I realized that no matter what we do or how hard we 'fight against the flow', we wouldn't know it when it ended and it could be riiiiiiiiiiight NOW.

I really love jus LIVING again, in fact I couldn't care less about any of the things most people deem "important" security and stability and planning etc. I just wake up and have a good day, whether at work or my own time. What else are we supposed to do? or the more popular 'Life's too short'.

I'm just not as reckless since realizing that I am old enough to do time now. :)

You can't just do whatever you want and have the cops tell you to go home or get back to your own end of town, anymore. Of course, being a level headed and sensible 19 year old, I knew better and decided to prove them wrong one too many times.

But in the end, it's all just sh*ts and giggles to laugh at.

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Yes... I need to relax now

by house In reply to Too many times

LOL... I just re-read my post above and realized that it may just be the words of a freak. Time to go to bed. :)

Regarding 'getting my act together'. One of my resolutions this year was to relax a little bit and have a few more drinks. I've had a pickle up my @ss since I quit using, as I am afraid of falling into the same trap. Time to start livin' again... afterall, life's to short to worry about such things. Besides, I've gotten my cheeks dry, bills dirty, and eyes cracked a couple of times since without feeling the urge the next day. I think I've been cured. :)

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took time

by Jaqui In reply to Too many times

but clean and sober for 20 years now.
after being on opium ( $500/day ) and rye( 40 pounder/day ) for a decade.

took 6 years to get completely clean.
now can't stand the smell or any drug, or alcohol

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by house In reply to Too many times

Thanks for reintroducing that pickle. Joke. :) Your warning is noted with the utmost respect... opiates are a different bag of tricks though. There is a lot that I'd like to say, but you know how it is.

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Did I find the Truth?

by jardinier In reply to Did you find the truth?

Yes, as it so happens I did. That is not to say that I KNOW the mysteries of the universe and all that, but I reached a point where the perplexing questions about the meaning of life, God, blah, blah, blah, no longer troubled me.

I know what I know, and I know what I don't know.

It is because of what I have learnt through my personal quest for Truth, that I frequently start, or participate in, discussions relating to religion, metaphysics, philosophy etc.

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Jobs to date

by PokerJohn In reply to How many different jobs o ...

Production (cucumber sorting)
Retail Clothing sales
Data Procession production
Customer Service
Software Sales
Professional Poker
Business Consulting
Hardware sales

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mostly early on

by john.a.wills In reply to How many different jobs o ...

1. file-card sorter in an electromechanical telephone exchange
2. medical student
3. seminarian
4. posting clerk
5. stockbroker's messenger
6. librarian
7. programmer
8. payroll clerk
9. census enumerator

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