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How Much Are You Charging For Virus Removal.

By rcashier03 ·
The reason i ask is my fellow coworkers think I'm being way to cheap. I do this on the side for extra change to play with.

I typically charge 30-60 depending on how much work i think it's going to take. But my fellow coworkers feel I'm not charging enough for the time and effort i am putting toward some of these pc's. If I have to back a pc's files up I typically charge 60 bux and I always clean them out for free. Which the also think is crazy as canned air cost money.

With that being said I was curious what the going rate is or what you charge for backing up files, virus removal, and pc cleaning.



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Epitome of this

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I have to think

Salvador Dali, signing the work of an apprentice
Not meaning to compare or cast shadows on you and others - I just had a strong association on this.

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by Slayer_ In reply to No I have to totally disa ...

I don't know about the computer industry, but if its like the snowmobile industry, you lose money every day your product is on the shelf, and you get bigger discounts for ordering more product from the manufacturer. Thus, you are more inclined to give away product, just to get rid of it and build up a service base.

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Give away product?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Depends...

That's incredibly expensive and while it's good for the maker it's incredibly unprofitable for the dealer.

The closest that I have ever come to giving away any product was at Government Prices which means Schools and that most certainly wasn't a good thing to build up a Service Base. It gave the product a bad name because the Darling Little School Children wrecked the things. I'll never forget trying to explain to a Domestic Science Mistress why the knives of an Overlocker needed replacing. Some child had run over pins to which she immediately jumped on me telling me that she didn't allow her children to use pins.

Anyway needless to say the damage was done by pins no matter if they where supposed to use them or not. But I must have been wrong as her darling little children couldn't have done the damage. :^0

Anyway it's hardly worth getting Bigger Discounts if you are not selling what you are buying as all you are doing is effectively slaving your guts out to keep the manufacturer in business. If their product is so bad that it can not be sold then you shouldn't be selling it in the first place.

I have experience with Heavy Earthmoving equipment where down time is horrendously expensive to the owner, and when a part breaks in one of these things that can not be replaced in under a few hours they buy new equipment and trade in the broken to keep work going. It's far cheaper for them to do that then to have the equipment sitting unusable on the side of whatever waiting for parts.

I've seen that done from a broken 50 cent part on a Injector Pump that was not replaceable in under a few months on a 3 week old unit to somehow someone broke the Primary Arm of a 40 Ton Excavator that took days to replace when they eventually got the bit into stock. I'm not really sure how they managed to bend that Articulated Arm but there must have been a enormous amount of mistreatment involved.


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by gharlow In reply to Well a quick price check

I charge a flat rate of $135 for Vista and XP and so far $75 for Windows 7, which seems to have only been infected lightly so far with a hotfix.exe or random exe file running under the users profile under the LocalLow folder along with a handful of other support keys and files which MalWareBytes seems fine eliminating after the exe is destroyed using a boot disk.

For XP and Vista machines infected with TDSS and such even $135 seems low given the amount of damage.

Keep in mind prices are based on the local economy. I am in Southern California, so an expensive area all around. If I were in Kansas, $60 - 80 might be just fine.

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With as little I know

by santeewelding In reply to How Much Are You Charging ...

Still, it's the services of a mother or daughter.

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I hear ya.

by rcashier03 In reply to With as little I know

I do recommend a new pc vs fixing old ones sometimes. But even then I typically only charge $60-$100.00 to build one plus parts and software of course. I've only done this a handful of times though.

I provide the service of pc repair\ building more for favors than anything. I enjoy doing it don't get me wrong and any money I can make without reporting is great! I just didn't want to be overcharging or undercharging.

Best Buy averages 149.00 for online help, 199.00 for in-store help\removal, and 299.00 for in home fixing\removal of virus's.

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by ericsaddress In reply to I hear ya.

You have to look at it like this: are you doing it just to be helpful or are you doing it to make additional income for bills etc.? If you are doing it to be helpful, keep your prices reasonable. Even when you factor in labor, many shops charge outrageous prices for their services.

Like you, I do work for close friends & family. More than anything, the money I earn is "play" money (e.g. take the family out one weekend or a new video game). I normally charge $50 flat. That is to go to the person's house and look at the problem. Most stuff I fix right there on the spot. If it is something that I have to reformat & reinstall the computer I charge a little more, but part of that cost is the initial $50. So I don't charge them more money in addition to the initial $50, I just add the additional costs to it. Many times I find that people will "slip in" a bit more because they feel that I deserve it.

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Same Here

by rcashier03 In reply to Considerations

I use my money for play money too. I never use it to pay bills and such.

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Factor in your overhead and experience

by JamesRL In reply to How Much Are You Charging ...

Do you make them bring the computer to you? Or do you go to them. If you travel to them, then you need to recover some wear and tear and gas money for your car.

Do you have to keep a tool kit? Spend time updating your virus definitions?

I'm not saying you have to recover all your costs with every service call, but you should cover a portion of them.


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Good Point.

by rcashier03 In reply to Factor in your overhead a ...

I do a little of both. If I know them well I go to their place if needed. If not I make them bring me their PC to my work est. and take it home with me to work on. I do have somewhat of a tool kit but most of the stuff i use is Open Source Freeware.

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