How much should we spend?

We are looking into getting a new server, with server 2008 on it.
The server is mainly a print server in an College enviorment.
So we need it for controlling the printing and the lab computers.

I also want to use it as a file server.

Not so much, but the system has to be as safe as possible.

Is there something that can tell me how much we should invest in the hardware, and what can you recommend to get.

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Is M$ selling 32 Bit Server Systems?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Just to add something

I was told at a Partners Meeting that M$ was no longer making any 32 Bit Server OS with the introduction of Exchange 2007.

All new Server OS's where going to be 64 Bit Versions and there where no 32 Bit Versions any longer.

Even here M$ only list 64 Bit Versions of 2008 Server on their Price Lists as of 2 minutes ago on the main M$ Web Site.

So I'm not sure where the 32 Bit version of 2008 comes from but as far as I knew there was never one available. Except for a Trial Beta Version which was never made available as a RTM Product.


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by voldar In reply to Is M$ selling 32 Bit Serv ...

Col, I do know what you are talking about, but... I do have servers with W2K8 32bit. At least I bought for my enteprise W2K8 and installed the W2K8 32bit version. You do have a point, but on the LSC site I do have the possibility to download a 32bit version of W2K8 and installing it with the licences I have bought. No problems to do that, what so ever.

P.S. The R2 is only on 64bit.

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