How often do you reformat your personal computer?

By Paper_boy558 ·
Personally in the past i often formatted my laptop every two months or so because i often experimented with the operating system and broke something or just trying out a new setup. Currently i haven't formatted for almost year because 1: I don't see the need right now. 2: I don't have enough backup space to backup everything that is on my machine. What is your reason for reformatting (or not) your personal machine?

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Good one

by corporategeek In reply to How often do you reformat ...

With modern operating systems & hardware - the need to re-format appears so rarely. Maybe maximum once per year - in case I managed to screw up the whole system. Windows 7 is very solid and can take almost anything. Same with the other operating systems.

Anyone remembers the days of Windows 98? :)

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hardly ever

by josesche In reply to How often do you reformat ...

I take pride in keeping my PCs sweet running with just some TLC. Even malware can be removed without needing to reformat... just google the symptoms... has never let me down.

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Why would you need to?

by bigjude In reply to How often do you reformat ...

It's close to 15 years since I've reformatted any of our home computers, probably because they've always had regular maintenance. These days the family all run Norton 360 automatically configured which cuts out most of the work.

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It was every six months but now It's more like 18 months

by timk63 In reply to How often do you reformat ...

In the past I would normally format my windows computer every six months or so. Now that my wife uses the computer more then I do, and I use my Linux box I have not needed to format the windows or the Linux computer. For a windows computer it a good rule to format it every year at least.

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by dayen In reply to How often do you reformat ...

I format only new drives when I re-install windows I put in a new drive that way I DON'T LOSE ANYTHING THE CLIENT HAS. If they say it missing I put in the old drive and say were is the file, want to bet it was never on the local machine (if the old drive bad I recover what I can and keep drive safe all recover data goes on different drive) lost data = lost client
Forgot to add I do this for my personal computers as well I have 5

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by Jacy757 In reply to How often do you reformat ...

I prefer to format it less only when it requires. Only What I do is regular maintenance and updating Anti-virus and it never lead me to formatting situation.

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Maybe once during the lifetime of an OS.....

by jack.klaber In reply to How often do you reformat ...

Mostly by following standard housekeeping rules like UMzY already mentioned. Even replacing disks by larger capacity is done by copying the image of the old disk and then using partitioning utility to adjust the new partition sizes.

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Every 6 months

by steve In reply to How often do you reformat ...

Lets see 9.10 10.04 10.10 11.04 ...
Maybe less often now that I have moved from Ubuntu to Mint Linux, but by having my System files separated from my data files, it is not too traumatic and I get to run the latest OS available, and quite happily on my 7 or so year old Laptop.

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I haven't done a reformat since Windows 95, because I had to change HDD's

by Slayer_ In reply to How often do you reformat ...

So I split it into partitions, then formatted them to FAT32.
Even on my XP machine, which has had an install since 2005, when I changed my mobo, I just installed over-top of my old install, keeping my files intact. I still got the performance boost from having a clean install.

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With WXP once per year

by Threv In reply to How often do you reformat ...

Wheter I needed it or not. I keep my Data on seprate drives and my apps and Serials copied up to a File Server. Now with Win7 I've only had to to restore from the Windows home server image backup (which totally rocks) once and only because I got a zero day virus/Malware that was not indentifiable/cleanable by anything. If you can't identify it and know exactly what it touched then you are NEVER secure. Nuke that shizzle from Orbit it's the only way to be sure.

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