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How Old Should You Be To Get Your Certification

By mikeymaster54 ·
im 14 and im a very good computer tech should i become a+ certifid

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At least as old as TR.

by deepsand In reply to How Old Should You Be To ...

Actually, it depends on your state's law regarding the age at which one can legally enter into a contract; unless, that is, you can get someone to arrange for you to take the exam(s) at no cost to you.

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by KrYpT In reply to How Old Should You Be To ...

If it is knowledge you seek, read the book(s). As many as you can.

The certification will not be of any use to you before your get your feet on the market as a dedicated, creative worker. Plus the technologies will have changed dramatically by the time you get there and you will have to start over.

Of course you will be able to brag about it if you get certified. What is more important to you? Temporary prestige in a piece of paper or skills and knowledge?

Plus a degree's prestige lasts longer and cover a wider range of options. Save up for that. I wish I would have...

Your choice.

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AGe doesn't matter

by delasap In reply to How Old Should You Be To ...

you can be certified as early as now.... :-)

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Yeah and then what? who will hire a 14 year old..cert or no cert?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to AGe doesn't matter

I sure wouldn't, and no respectable company I know of wouldn't, unless they are Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network. 14 years of age is not even old enough to work in this country.

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Becoming Certified

by BFilmFan In reply to How Old Should You Be To ...

If you can reach the keyboard, steer the mouse and correctly answer the questions; then, you are old enough to sit for the certification.

Congragulations on having the drive to learn and earn the rewards for doing your homework.

Best of luck on your certification.

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