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How tacky can you get?

By puppybreath ·
The liberals can't even go to a funeral without turning it into a political circus.

Instead of celebrating the life and achievements of Coretta Scott King, let's slam the President and current administration.

How can anyone respect these opportunists? "Hey look! Another camera! What I can say to get my name in the headlines? Maybe I'll get invited to a talk show!"

A sad commentary on what's important to the liberals. It sure isn't respect and dignity during a solemn occasion.

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Definitely not the place for politics

by AV . In reply to How tacky can you get?

I think the idea on the Democratic side is to keep shining the spotlight on the problems of the Bush Administration - the Iraq war, Katrina, poverty and civil rights, no matter how tasteless it is to do it at her funeral. Thats how divisive and bitter politics has become.

The Bush Administration is not a positive influence on this country as a whole. It has caused deep partisan divisions within our government and the people of this country.

It still doesn't make it right to bring that up at her funeral. It was supposed to be about her.

The state of politics in this country today is absolutely deplorable. Both parties.

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Not the first time, or even the second

by jdclyde In reply to Definitely not the place ...

in the last year. Remember the circus the Parks funeral turned into?

Dear Voter, are you going to SERIOUSLY try to claim there wasn't "deep partisan divisions" through the whole Clinton Administration? Half of what was TRIED on President Bush was only PAYBACK for what happened to President Clinton.

Yes, the state of politics IS deplorable, but don't act surprised or pretend that it is anything new.

Note: I don't recall Republicans being disrespectful like this at any funerals. Shows just which party will REALLY stop at nothing to further their own agenda AT ANY COST. No class, and each and every one of them a national disgrace. Still proud to be a part of that pack of curs?

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I don't remember Rosa Parks funeral really

by AV . In reply to Not the first time, or ev ...

I'm sure though it was equally distasteful. Yes, there were always deep partisan divisions during the Clinton era, but the ones that exist now go back to the 2000 election when Al Gore won the popular vote but Bush won the electoral vote. I think that cast a pall over the presidency. No matter what side won, it would have been a hollow victory.

I'm not surprised at anything nowadays, but you have to think about how black people and poor people in the south feel about this Administration after the government response to hurricane Katrina.

I think neither party will stop at nothing to further their agenda. The Dems chose to do it at a funeral. How about Bush's "Mission Accomplished?"

You may swear I am a Democratic liberal, but I am actually a Republican looking for a party that I can respect again.

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by jdclyde In reply to I don't remember Rosa Par ...

the Rosa Parks was even worse, if you can imagine it.

Jackson, Sharpton, Faracon, all up in armes. You may remember I started a discussion about modern day racists? That is when Sharpton said that ANYONE that is against affirmative action is a modern day racist. What a sick, twisted ***.

It was real ugly.

Funny, from the majority of your posts that I recall, I always took you for a Dem. With saying things like you just did about Katrina, it isn't any wonder why.

It is a FACT that it was the Democratic Mayor and Governor that put and kept the people in harms way to begin with, and the it was the Governor that REFUSED help for the first few days.

After THAT, yes fema did not operate well. But then the government has never been good at moving quickly, have they?

As for respecting a party, while I don't agree with everything that Bush and the Republicans are and have done, I agree with almost NOTHING that the Democrats have and are doing.

Everything about the liberal progressive movement goes against everything I believe and is directly responsible for the sorry shape things are in on the streets.

As for popular vote, that has NEVER meant anything, and it never will. Only for people that don't understand balance of power. How about Bush getting the electoral AND popular vote against Kerry?

The problem that Gore had, is he acted like a spoiled rich kid. If he would have followed the dispute procedures instead of trying to change the rules half way through, there wouldn't have been all the controversy. The ONLY thing that the Supreme court said was no, you can NOT change the rules. That is it.

Oh well. Are you sure your not just a liberal in repuclicans clothing, like jck likes to pretend to be?

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Modern day racism

by AV . In reply to Actually

I didn't vote for Bush in 2004 because I didn't like where the country was headed under his leadership. I voted for him in 2000 though and at the time would have become extremely depressed if Al Gore won.

Al Sharpton is like a household name in NJ. If ever there is a race card to be played he has always been there over the years to play it. Thats his specialty.

I'm a registered Republican but I didn't vote that way in the last election. Not because Kerry was the greatest, but because I didn't like where the country was heading under Bush.

I think hurricane Katrina showed the total breakdown of our government, Democrats and Republicans, in responding to a disaster. Though the Mayor and Governor were responsible, FEMA should have stepped in sooner. It was an extreme disaster.

I can certainly understand why blacks in the south might feel animosity towards Bush. Though he isn't a racist, he can't relate to the needs of the poor, black or white. That house in the ninth ward of New Orleans might be all some of those people have in this world and its still a pile of rubble 6 months later after Bush said he would rebuild it into a glorious new New Orlean.

I can't relate to the Democrats either. They stand for nothing. In NJ where I live, the Democrats have ruined this state. There is so much corruption and high taxes I can barely afford to live here anymore. Republicans never win here except in local elections. I just don't understand why.

Am I a liberal in Republican clothing. No way. I am a moderate Republican that just doesn't agree with Bush.

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Why Dems win elections

by jdclyde In reply to Modern day racism

If you have two people running for office, you listen to what they have to say.

The first says he will remove obsticals from your path so you can empower yourself and become a success.

The second says it isn't fair, and not your fault that you are unsuccessful so they are going to GIVE you things to help you out.

The people that are voting will take that hand out, even though they see that it hasn't HELPED them ever improve their situation.

A PERFECT example WAS New Orleans. Democrat at state AND local level for DECADES, yet the poorest of the poor live(d) there.

If the Democrats social plans only continued to make that state WORSE instead of BETTER when they had TOTAL control it just shows that Democrats and everything they do to make peoples lives better are wrong and DON'T WORK.

Bush and rebuilding New Orleans. I take it you have no idea what it takes to build a house, or how long. Now apply that to three states. There are only so many contractors in the world and the FIRST priority is infrastructure. Why haven't many that didn't lose their homes still not go back yet? water and electricity.

I just went through the "Detroit Free Press" yesterday, and there was page after page of help wanted adds yet the over 9000 refugees that are in Michigan are unable to find employment. Why is that? Is it because the welfare state that the Democrats set them up in never prepaired them to survive in the workforce? Yes, that is EXACTLY what the problem is.

Years ago I read an article written by Ken Hamblin, (a black radio "personality") and he wrote "don't feed the blacks" and applied the same LOGIC of when you go to a national park. You hand feed all the animals in a national park, they never learn to forage and when you STOP handfeeding them, they starve. The same thing just happened to the citizens of New Orleans with their learned depenance on the state to take care of them.

Wake up people.

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Partisan divisions

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Definitely not the place ...

Agreed the funeral was not the place for politics.

As far as partisan divisions, it takes two sides for there to be division. Bush did not create the divisions. The divisions occurred due to the Democrats' extreme reaction to Bush's proposals and their nasty attitude towards him. Instead of trying to have a bipartisan dialogue, most Democrats just want to go on blaming Bush instead of trying to compromise and work with him.

One proposal I wish that the Democrats did fight harder was the Medicare prescription plan. They fought it, but for the wrong reasons. The right reason to fight it was that it is spending money we cannot afford, and transfers wealth from one group of citizens to another group. We need to reduce, and eventually eliminate "entitlements", not expand them.

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We need better government

by AV . In reply to Partisan divisions

The partisanship that exists now is just poison. Both sides hate each other and they aren't getting anything important done.

Bush is a polarizing figure and it hasn't helped this country. John Kerry never let go of his failed run. If Hillary runs, she is polarizing too. We desperately need a new kind of leadership now. Look at the shape our country is in. The worst thing we did was go to war in Iraq. The war is one big moneypit.

Dems just don't have a real focus as a party. They just stand for opposition to anything Bush does. I don't like Bush either, but get over it and get back to work. Medicare is a nightmare. Healthcare as a whole is just a mess.

There are too many entitlement programs. They're mismanaged. Rife with fraud. Some are necessary, but too much creates a welfare society. If you look at the Katrina hearings, you will get absolutely sick at our tax dollars wasted.

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Just a thought

by BFilmFan In reply to How tacky can you get?

The only thing missing were those creepy people from Kansas that protest with their "God Hates (Put whatever ya don't like here)" signs.

I see in the news that many states are planning on blocking their protests.

Personally, I think they should let some of the offended relatives introduce this scum that hides under the cloak of First Amerndment Rights to God. I have a feeling that He/She/It doesn't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to people disrupting the dignity of others in their time of mourning.

Another thought would be that would could lock the creepy people and Jesse Jackson up in a steel cage match and sell tickets for charity. Then the only question is do I or Max have to bring the popcorn?

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Creepy people versus Jessie Jackson

by maxwell edison In reply to Just a thought

I'd buy a ticket to see that one.

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