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How tacky can you get?

By puppybreath ·
The liberals can't even go to a funeral without turning it into a political circus.

Instead of celebrating the life and achievements of Coretta Scott King, let's slam the President and current administration.

How can anyone respect these opportunists? "Hey look! Another camera! What I can say to get my name in the headlines? Maybe I'll get invited to a talk show!"

A sad commentary on what's important to the liberals. It sure isn't respect and dignity during a solemn occasion.

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If you get this death match setup

by jdclyde In reply to Just a thought

I will get you a lifetime supply of popcorn!

(can you get Don King to make sure NONE of them make it out?)

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I am popping it now

by X-MarCap In reply to Just a thought

There will be so many people trying to see that one that I stayed up all night running my air popper and through 20 p..p..pounds of Orville...

The 8 pounds of butter are thawing....


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Wait... Wait... That's not fair....

by faradhi In reply to Just a thought

Throw Al Sharpton in there to help Jessie.

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one at a time

by jdclyde In reply to Wait... Wait... That's no ...

one at a time. Can't take chances of either of them getting out.

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No, both of them together

by puppybreath In reply to one at a time

as long as it's being televised. They'll kill each other to get the most camera time, so with very little effort on our part, the problem will be solved.

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As tacky as the conservatives

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How tacky can you get?

There's a Kansas church that's using military funerals to stage anti-homosexual protests. They claim these soldiers killed in Iraq died making the U.S. safe for gays, so they should be condemned.**02443/

Google soldiers funerals church gays.

As a retired service member, I love it when people exercise their freedom of speech to condemn those who make sacrifices defending it.

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The comparison is silly

by maxwell edison In reply to As tacky as the conservat ...

Now if the pastor who was part of conducting the service and/or others who were speakers at the service did it, then you might have a valid comparison.

Moreover, if conservative elected representatives, either past or current, turned that Kansas funeral into a political rally taking pot-shots at a Democrat president who was in attendance, again, you'd have a valid comparison.

Try again, dude.

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Trying again.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The comparison is silly

It's tacky to use the pulpit at a funeral for any purpose other than to praise the deceased and offer comfort to the family and friends. The liberals slamming the administration were invited speakers, and most were friends of the King family, and did not pass unfavorable judgement on Mrs. King.

The point is these bleeding hearts were INVITED to speak at the funeral. The anti-gay protestors are showing up uninvited and unwanted, refusing the requests of families and clergy to leave, and condemning dead servicemen they never met. I do not support the war they died in, but their sacrifice should not be slandered before their families at graveside by total strangers.

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Not quite the same thing, now is it?

by jdclyde In reply to As tacky as the conservat ...

A small group of religious nutcases is NOT representative of "Conservatives".

I'm up to a road trip to florida to kick some nutcase a$$ if you are! B-)

jck! Get an extra batch of brew on!

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No, they aren't

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Not quite the same thing, ...

And a small group of speakers at the King funeral isn't represntative of liberals either, is it? Yet you didn't point that out to Puppybreath. Why not?

I'm trying to point out that both groups have reprehensible factions that often distort public forums to fit their agenda. At least the liberals at the King funeral were invited to speak and didn't crash the event.

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