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How tacky can you get?

By puppybreath ·
The liberals can't even go to a funeral without turning it into a political circus.

Instead of celebrating the life and achievements of Coretta Scott King, let's slam the President and current administration.

How can anyone respect these opportunists? "Hey look! Another camera! What I can say to get my name in the headlines? Maybe I'll get invited to a talk show!"

A sad commentary on what's important to the liberals. It sure isn't respect and dignity during a solemn occasion.

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The point your not getting

by jdclyde In reply to No, they aren't

you are comparing people that are represenative of and for the Democratic party/liberals that showed they have no class and will do anything to advance their agenda.

The point in contention is that the anti-gays are NOT represenatives for anything but their small church. They have not been chosen by the masses as spokesmen and leaders.

Being invited to an event does not excuse your behavior, and of the two, the gay-haters ARE the worse of the two without a doubt. That does not excuse Bush-haters for anything they say or do just because you can find someone worse.

Don't make excuses for the inexcusable.
Don't classify "Conservatives" with religious nuts. If this really WAS supported by the conservatives, there would be hundreds of thousands, instead of a small handful of people needing their asses kicked.

I would love to say any vetrians organization firmly persuade them to go away, and it would be a shame if the sheriffs were busy across town at that time.

I do not support HATE groups, which is why I CAN'T support the Democratic party, because they are at the top of being an intolerant hate group.

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Really? At the top?

by maecuff In reply to The point your not gettin ...

Even more than the KKK? Or other groups that espouse violence? My husband and I are registered Democrats (Which, of course, makes me a bleeding heart liberal..that drives me nuts.. it's not ALL one or the other.) Anyway, In doing some volunteer phone work during the last presidential election, I had TWO people tell me that if they knew where I was calling from, they would come there and KILL me. Yes. Kill me. Because they were republicans and and Bush supporters. Personally, I do not feel hatred for anyone who disagrees with my politics. I'm glad we can disagree.

Republicans and Democrats, anti-war, pro-war, anti-bush, pro-bush..they are all vitriolic. There is so much rancor on both sides that there will never be a peaceful agreement. Because BOTH sides would rather gouge out their own freaking eyes before they would admit that maybe, just maybe, the other guy has a point.

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by jdclyde In reply to Really? At the top?

I don't see the KKK in the news or in my life, so I tend to forget about them. Are they still active?

I will give you that point. The KKK are more hateful than the Democratic party.

I would wish no harm on a Democrat in general, but anyone that thinks groups like NAMBLA should have been supported by the ACLU to post their how-to on seducing young boys is sick and is contributing to future crimes against kids.

As for the rest of your post, it is right in line with what I have been saying for the last week about partisan politics being way out of hand across the board, and it just happens to be the Democrats turn to play obstructionist to keep anything good from happening that Bush could claim credit for. And that is EXACTLY what they have been doing.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to well

I wish I could say otherwise, but the nuts in the white sheets are still with us in the southern U.S. Many of them are hiding under the guise of "Southern Heritage" organizations. (NOTE: Most Southern Heritage groups are not connected with the KKK or any other hate groups.)

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by jdclyde In reply to well

that sucks. The world would be a better place with them gone. Of course, it would be nice if the same aliens that come and take them away would take Sharpton and Jackson with them.

That would be a whole lot of racism gone all at once.

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jd, I agree..

by faradhi In reply to well

The problem with the Democratic Party is that they are not giving voters something to vote FOR. They are hoping to get elected by people voting against Bush.

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faradhi, that's half the problem

by CharlieSpencer In reply to well

The other half is they can't even keep their own membership in line. The Republicans will argue amonst themselves for three years and 364 days. On Election Day, they show up and vote as a block for the party nominees. The Dems are more fractured, and if they don't like the party nominee, they aren't leaving the house. Or maybe the Dem party members have more sense than the leadership and won't follow the senior members down the garden path...

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At the top of their neck, maybe.

by X-MarCap In reply to Really? At the top?

The Al Frankens, and Michael Moores, etc. really make Democrats look bad. Also, Pat Robertson makes Republicans look bad. The difference is that Clinton, Carter, Gore, Kennedy, Kerry, Randel were elected to high office. These are the people making most of us who can't stand Evil, abortion, treachery, and treason to run for the right while holding our nose... We hate the stink but I'd rather be up to my neck in the one side's muck than shoetop deep in the other.

As for people wanting to Kill you, you must have been like the woman, who badgered me until I lost my temper at her. She was raising money for Bill Clinton's legal defense fund. I told her not to call again. She did. She said that she would come to my door, I said I would slam it in her face. She said She'd knock it down... I told her any intruder would be shot...

She had the police called on me... I explained what was said. They laughed at me. Then one of the Police got called and she gave him enough grief the phone company disconnected her personal phone... Enough complaints, or the right complaint.

Pro-Bush, I am not. Anti-Liar,Anti-idiot, I certainly am... Add anti-Kerry, and anti-Gore, and anti-Clinton. Gore I know personnaly from his time in the Army. (Marines had to guard him), Clinton I met in the 1992 election. (major dislike) I liked Jim Trafficant(D) because he made me laugh. I like Sherrod Brown (D), I despise G. Voinovich(R).

I can't stand lies from D or R sides. However, Dems outlie the Republicans many to one, politically... From what I can tell.

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by maecuff In reply to At the top of their neck, ...

Not like that at all. I had a call list, read from a script and if they didn't want to talk, I politely thanked them for their time. Twice, before I said more than two sentences, I was threatened with death. I have to admit, I DID laugh at them at that point.

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I get the point.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The point your not gettin ...

Puppybreath asked "How tacky can you get?" My contention is there is something at least as tacky on the conservative side, but that neither of these actions should be considered representative of the "rank and file" on either side.

"Don't make excuses for the inexcusable."

I'm not making excuses for anybody. I'm saying there are jerks on both ends of the political spectrum. Some are more visible than others. That's all.

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