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How the IT answers in the TR should be?

By voldar ·
Hello everybody from the TR forum.

I have a question to ask, and I would be glad if you?d answer to it.

When I first stepped into this forum, I was really glad that finally, after a long ?trip in no-men land?, I found what I was looking for long time: a forum of real IT professionals, where questions about the IT problems in a way or another find their answer(s).
What I want to discuss now, is how the answers we give are contributing to the improvement of the others. I will talk for myself, because I met some situations when people ask for a question, but in fact they don?t know almost nothing about what they want, and from, lets say, 3 (i.e.) good answers, they choose the hardest one every time. And then, they come back with new questions, and so on ?
The question is, can we guide ?the-ones-who-ask?, and based on the answers we see for his question, give him some advice showing which or what to expect if choosing one or other solution? I talk here about the fact that ? do we have to take into consideration that maybe the person who ask questions has not much experience, and should be given more detailed instructions or just let him to choose?
I know, the IT nowadays is full of people who got certifications based on memorization, and cheat-shits, and with no hands-on labs at least (not speaking about real work experience), but ? I think that TR is the best forum I ever met. For myself, I like to help people, if I can, of course, and limited to my 4 years experience with Windows 2000, and with no more certifications than MCSA (210,215,216,218), which I obtained in December 2003 (last exam pass 216), but with a lot of practice in administering LANs and WANs (and you were the one that helped me a lot, not maybe by answering to my questions directly, not many of questions asked but mostly by your answers given to the others).
That?s it ? how the answers should be so that people learn something. Or should we don?t care about that?

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If I was you...

by mrafrohead In reply to Oz ..

I'd stick with cheat-****. I thought you did it on purpose and wished that I had come up with it first. Because, cheaters are ****. And how witty, "cheat-****". hehehahahaha I hope you don't mind if I borrow that one for the future, as I'm sure that one would come in handy.

@ oZ - informatio - I have to know, is that something like felatio? **nudge nudge - wocka wocka**


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Just add your comments

by TheChas In reply to How the IT answers in the ...

While the focus of the Discussion and Technical Q&A forums is the IT community, we get a lot of questions from general users and tech school students.

If you see a discussion or question where you believe the answer is wrong or misguided, feel free to chime in with your comments.

I know that I do not know it all, and on occasion have given poor advice.

If I see a question where someone has been given wrong or dangerous advice, I have no qualms about jumping in and offering my advice.


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Right on

by voldar In reply to Just add your comments

Chas, but what if that person feel offended by your comments? You know very well, as I do too, the ego is something that sometimes bypass the decent behaviour.

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Ego Shmeego

by Oz_Media In reply to Right on

Hey Vlad, if you want to tell someone off, do so.
If you feel you are right, say so.
If you want to correct someone, you correct them.

It is also in thier complete right to come back with the same but that's life.

As for ego's everyone has one, some are in touch and in control of thier ego and not let it control thier actions. Others, usually the younger generation, haven't hed enough life experience yet and the ego drives them, as opposed to them driving thier own ego.

That gets into a lot of Freudian Phsychology but he had SOME relevant points regarding the EGO.

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OZ I prefered Carl Junk to Freud

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ego Shmeego

After all it was Jung how did repeat that "Life is a Sexually Transmitted Deasise with an extremly bad Prognosis."

I actually love that one and use it a lot with some people who continually seem to think they are better than me because they have a Batcholers or something like that in some unnecessary field like Social Work.

That probably also explains why that Social Worker had to run me down on the bike last October as well.

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by Oz_Media In reply to OZ I prefered Carl Junk t ...

Carl Jung has much more modern realiztions than Freud. My reference to Freud was due to the nature of the post being focused on the EGO, which was Freud's bug claim to fame (understanding the human ego).

As much as SF was politically incorrect in his theories, many of his values behind what drives the EGO are seen today although he wrote them many years before, when his theories WEREN'T considered politically incorrect, people just had a hard time thinking that they may be driven by the EGO. The ideas, shall we say, HURT thier ego's.

As I am one that instantly sees someone's ego driven faults, I often think of the old bespectacled guy as people talk to me.

Perhaps this is also how I have a negative view of American habits, not that others don't also display this, but I see this type of drive being shouted in the streets of the USA.

I am NOT taking a pot shot at anyone here, just trying to further understand myself and rationalize my feelings.

I could be very wrong but it is a thought.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Right on

As long as you aren't being beligerant or slandering, I wouldn't worry about it.

They will just need to grow up. If they can't take the help that they're asking for, they really didn't need it that bad.


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You can still be nice

by TheChas In reply to Right on

Unless the wrong advice is REALLY bad, I try not to berate the peer who posted it.

I try and explain why the advice won't work, or, in the case of conflicting advice, I chime in in support of what I believe to be the correct advice.

You can also operate in stealth mode, and offer your advice with NO reference to the existing advice.

There can be up to a 2 hour delay from when you submit your comments till the comments are visible to all users.
Many a time I have posted an answer when I thought that there were no other answers posted. Yet, when I come back to the question later, I find that I am the third or latter peer to post.


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Delay in posting inquiry

by jmottl In reply to You can still be nice

Hi Chas,
I saw your post about a delay between posting and site publication -- does that happen on a regular basis with your posts. I'd like to solve that issue if we can,
Judy Mottl
Senior Editor, Member Engagement

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Oh sure !!!

by Oz_Media In reply to Delay in posting inquiry

Chas gets his PC lag resolved, we have to put up with misposted questions in the discussion group!!
If there's ever gonna be any progress around here...

Just kidding, good luck with your predicament Chas.

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