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How the IT answers in the TR should be?

By voldar ·
Hello everybody from the TR forum.

I have a question to ask, and I would be glad if you?d answer to it.

When I first stepped into this forum, I was really glad that finally, after a long ?trip in no-men land?, I found what I was looking for long time: a forum of real IT professionals, where questions about the IT problems in a way or another find their answer(s).
What I want to discuss now, is how the answers we give are contributing to the improvement of the others. I will talk for myself, because I met some situations when people ask for a question, but in fact they don?t know almost nothing about what they want, and from, lets say, 3 (i.e.) good answers, they choose the hardest one every time. And then, they come back with new questions, and so on ?
The question is, can we guide ?the-ones-who-ask?, and based on the answers we see for his question, give him some advice showing which or what to expect if choosing one or other solution? I talk here about the fact that ? do we have to take into consideration that maybe the person who ask questions has not much experience, and should be given more detailed instructions or just let him to choose?
I know, the IT nowadays is full of people who got certifications based on memorization, and cheat-shits, and with no hands-on labs at least (not speaking about real work experience), but ? I think that TR is the best forum I ever met. For myself, I like to help people, if I can, of course, and limited to my 4 years experience with Windows 2000, and with no more certifications than MCSA (210,215,216,218), which I obtained in December 2003 (last exam pass 216), but with a lot of practice in administering LANs and WANs (and you were the one that helped me a lot, not maybe by answering to my questions directly, not many of questions asked but mostly by your answers given to the others).
That?s it ? how the answers should be so that people learn something. Or should we don?t care about that?

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need to stop flaming tech questions in q&a

by Passwordchanged In reply to Just do the best we can

not everybody who comes to the site for the first time HAS any techpoints, so perhaps teh regulars could cut them some slack. TR is obliviously NEVER going to change theorder of the Discussions and Tech q&a links, so there'll always be tech q's posted here. deal with it.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to need to stop flaming tech ...

I thought you were given points just for signing up - at least they did way back when I started here. I'll go check the FAQ...

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by Cactus Pete In reply to need to stop flaming tech ...

You get 500 points for becoming a member, and you get 1000 points for closing a question that was answered. You just can't help but get points here...

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Is it better to Ignore?

by TheChas In reply to need to stop flaming tech ...

Unless I am bored, I tend to ignore technical questions posted in the Discussion Center.

If they have not been answered after a day, I may post an answer and suggest to the peer that they would get a quicker response if they posted their questions in the technical Q&A forum.

I think the root cause of the issue of questions in the discussion forum is that on many other web sites, they only have a discussion forum.
When there is a Q&A section, it is often an e-mail link or form that sends a message to the sites (manufactures) tech support department.


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Rationale for ignoring?

by wordworker In reply to Is it better to Ignore?

TheChas, This is an interesting little thread. I'm curious, what is your reason for ignoring tech questions in the Discussions forum? It is because you don't want to share expertise without the reward of TechPoints? I think OzMan has it right when he says that some people don't realize there's a tech Q&A section separate from Discussions. Therefore, it seems to me that we may be short-changing our IT brethren who are new to TR. They see Discussions on a tech site, they post a question, and no one helps them-what is the incentive to come back? Just curious.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Rationale for ignoring?

Well, I may be a bad person for it, but if the person can't find the Q&A section, maybe that's a sign of why they're having tech problems...

I feel that this is a site for tech people to help tech people. Now I am happy to help anyone - where I can. But I look to the dicussion forum for discussions, and the Q&A section for problems. Sometimes I'm really not in the mood for helping anyone, whether they be techies or nitwits who stumbled in here. Honestly, there have been some questions posted by people that I swear must have really been 10,000 monkeys...

But I think Chas said that he'd ignore them for a day, not forever. personally, I ignore them forever unless I'm in a good mood.

But if "I couldn't find the Q&A section" is the excuse... well, I'm not going to be terribly forgiving. But I don't flame them.

Recently, I think I've answer 2 or three issues here and gently reminded them that if they want faster / better / more answers, that they go to the Q&A pages...

What's wrong with that?

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Points not the issue

by TheChas In reply to Rationale for ignoring?

The Tech Points are not the issue.

I have more than I need as is.

I started waiting a day to answer questions posted in the Discussion Center a number of months ago when the Discussion Center was seeing a LOT of questions posted.

There is an old discussion thread on the problem, and there was a general agreement from those who responded to the thread to ignore questions posted in the Discussion Center.

My logic for waiting a day, is to reinforce the swifter response one usually gets from the Technical Q&A section.

Keep in mind, when you start or post to a discussion thread, you have to come back to it to see if you got a response.

When you ask a question, you automatically get an e-mail when an answer is posted.


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WRONG fasthands

by Oz_Media In reply to Rationale for ignoring?

Time to slow the hands down my man.

Ozman has been misunderstood, I think I was one of the first people to ***** about miposted question in discussion forums.

If I want to help people solve problems, I go to the Q&A section. Then I may want a break and check out the Discussions. I se the title, ADAWARE or SPYBOT? that interests me so I check out the discussion. It's just some knob looking for hep removing a virus he picked up on Kazaa and gets tiring. They need to be separated to offer those that help a bit of a break when needed. I was the first to start complaining to people who posted in discussions and told them to take thier questions to the Q&A section.

I stand with Chas on this, sorry.

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I just never used to look here....

by Joseph Moore In reply to Rationale for ignoring?

The first year+ I was on TR, I never looked at the Discussions forum! It is really only in the past year that I started to look, and then only the most recent 6 months that I even started to post in Discussions.
I came to this site because I was bored one night, and I fancied myself as someone with some Windows knowledge to spread.
I would up learning a whole **** of a lot more instead!
Now, I check the Q&A section daily, the new questions. I review my past questions for anything that needs a followup. And I look in Discussions for interesting things, specifically non question related. In my head, Discussions are not for questions on how do I fix my computer; that's the Q&A secton. I like computer-related discussions, not the general topic ones. I participate (somewhat!) in those discussions. If I see a question here, I might give it a shot, if it is a question I want to answer. But if it is the type of question I just don't have the heart to tackle (like "how do I share files between 98 and XP???"; I just can't take this on!) then I go on.
Nothing personal. That is just how it is in my head. Discussions for discussing stuff; Q&A for questions/answers.
Maybe my approach is too simple, but that is what it is.

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Your contributions

by Oz_Media In reply to I just never used to look ...

"only the most recent 6 months that I even started to post in Discussions."

Always good to have new inout here, don't disappear.

You seem to have the same thoughts on this that I do. When I look at discussions, it's becaue I don't WANT to answer questions. The one you listed in your POST is something I'd expect in Q&A but it's not a 'discussion' there's a way to do it, that's it.

I would even accept those homework questions here as opposed to real Q&A problems. If someone was to say, I have a project and need to describe Full vs Half Duplex and this is all I found..., I'd find that an acceptable discussion, as opposed to "Full and Half Duplex, definitions please." with 5 points attached to it!

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