How to access a computer / web server behind a firewall?

By HaunsTM ·
I apologize if I post this to the wrong forum. I'm new here.
This is my network situation:

I am looking for ways to access:

(1) my (own) web server (with IIS 6/Apache) (HTTP)
(2) my IP/Network cam (RTSP)

from my smartphone (3) from "Internet". I am a professional .NET-system developer but my networking skills are very poor.

My problem is that there are obstacles: i e an evil firewall (4)... Since my own web server (1) and IP/Network cam (2) are behind it (4), I have absolutely no idea how to reach them from my smart phone (3) from Internet.
My ISP doesn't allow port forwarding, but I know that there is a Socks5 server which I can reach at port 1080. I believe that I can use it for my purposes somehow?

My question:
Is it possible to reach my own web server at all from outside the firewall? How? Are there any other solutions for me except for changing my ISP?

With best regards,

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Google Chrome Remote PC APP

by TheAsian In reply to How to access a computer ...

The easy way is to install Google Chrome and install the remote pc app, because Google has an open relay server that can connect to your computer at home through firewalls using active TCP sessions.

The same thing for as well. There's an app for the iPhone. You mentioned smartphone, but you didn't mention what specific kind of smartphone you have.

You can install Serversman webserver on your PC and access it from your smartphone via Safari browser or you can install the Serversman app itself and run a webserver on your smartphone and access it from your PC. I've done this with my iPhone 5 and installed it on both the PC and the iPhone 5. To put Serversman webserver on your iPhone, it needs to be jail broken with Cydia install.

The hard way is to install a secure shell server, then do a reverse tunnel for specific ports you want to be able to reverse-forward into your PC, make sure you put your port to something that's not commonly blocked like port 443, which is what my secure shell server is set on.

An alternate way is to install The Onion Router or TOR on your computer and run a webserver and point everything to the hidden service. TOR runs on socks version 4 or 5 on port 9050 or **50. Then you can run a TOR connection on your local PC from a remote place and connect to your webserver using the TOR Darknet network.

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