How to access Pointsec Encrypted Drive

By ainsean ·
I have a laptop onwhich pointsec is installed. Its window got corrupted and when I attempt to recover the window from recovery console. It can not find any hard drive because HDD is encrypted. I use third party softwares for the purpose but failed

kindly tell me how can i recover window when drive is pointsec encrypted

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How to access Pointsec Encrypted Drive

by ishan2803 In reply to How to access Pointsec En ...

To Create a Recovery Disk ? Part 2:

Another method of creating a recovery disk is as follows:
1. On a working computer with PointSec installed go to C:\Program Files\Pointsec\Pointsec for PC and execute the UseRec.exe
2. Navigate to the .REC file
3. Select Unlock first step (with token)
4. Select Create Medium (with token)
5. Select USB drive and click okay (A floppy disk may also be used in place of the USB, but it is less widely available).
6. Recovery will write to the USB. During the process the user will be instructed to remove and re-insert the USB. Wait until the USB remounts before clicking OK. You will receive a message that the recovery has been successfully created.
7. From this point the machine can be booted off the USB or an .ISO image may be created to be written to a CD.

Booting from Recovery Media:

1. Insert the recovery media into the machine that you need to recover
2. Hit F12 as the machine is booting to select the USB, CD, or Floppy as the boot device
3. The machine will boot off of the media and give a PointSec authentication screen. A token is required here
4. Once authenticated the user will be given the choice of volumes to decrypt. Have them choose to recover all.

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Please help for the Pointsec ver4.**

by fujisan In reply to How to access Pointsec En ...

Please give me solution as following troubles.

1. How to edit .rec file
- I don't remember admin password to change configuration/make a recovery disk.
But, I can see .rec content on the viewer.
So, I'd like to know edit this binary .rec file.

2. How to not activate pointsec with normal user account on XP platform
- I don't remember admin password on XP professional PC.
So, I'd like to know how to invalid pointsec service at booting XP.

Please advise me !!


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Couple of points

by IC-IT In reply to Please help for the Point ...

This is an old Zombie thread, you should start your own question.

Where does the .rec file reside?

You don't remember the systems Admin password or just the pointsec admin password?

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Thanks for reply

by fujisan In reply to Couple of points
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Ishan2803 - help w/no vol matches

by nonac In reply to How to access Pointsec En ...

Thank you for your post. I have created the recovery file, however, when i use it on the computer that's giving me the problem, it fails.

I'm finally able to see something other than the blue screen with PS####...
It boots up from my USB and asks me for the PS token ID/PW, which i enter, but then I get the error: No volume matches the recovery information. I'm guessing that has to do how i created the recovery file. Any ideas???


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by shasca In reply to How to access Pointsec En ...

Now that is a question with truly nine lives. I guess some questions just never die??

I guess some posts just can't be edited either :-&

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