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how to be persuasive/tacky in proposing IT projects?

By tech06 ·
We have several legacy computers (Win95/9 that are in bad shape and users are complaining about them all the time. I've enlisted names whose computers should be upgraded along with reasons and submited to the management. However, I'm getting no response after a few attempts. Without sounding too pushy, how should I handle this in a better way? The biggest ROI I can think of is the time saving for the users to run their jobs on pc and management should know this already. I've tried cleaning the pc's, reformatted and told users to shut them down everyday, but they are of no help. The hardware are just too old to run the newer applications. It's getting frustrating but I'd really like to help the users to get their job done (if I get mine done). Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Budget Politics

by jkowolf In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

Is there a manager who does not want this to come out of his/her budget? They may be ignoring/fighing you behind your back.

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Ways to be persuasive/tacky in proposing IT projects?

by naeemahsan In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

I think the best way to get the management's attention is to show them financial figures. How much time is spent on the computers and how much work is being done. What is the cost of maintaining them. Instead of utilizing your time and effort on supporting old computers it could be better utilized to do something more productive and usefull for the company.

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Recommendations for proposing IT projects

by vmishra In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

The problem mentioned here is no different than most of have faced at some point in our careers.

There are 2 facts that you must remember while submitting a proposal.

1. Never assume that management know things. At times most things things reported in a systematic manner end up as eye openers.

2. Any proposal backed up by adequate facts and figures will always go through as long as there is suffecient justification on cost or benefit to business which the management can see.

Work your proposal and you will succeed....

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Let them breakdown

by dotxen In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

Relax and let them breakdown. That usually concentrates the mind. You can stand around and say sagely "I told you so!".

After all, we're not in it to assist, only to get paid!

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Getting the "Money Man" to approve Procurement standards

by ClayC In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

I feel your pain. We sometimes wish that we could take one of those old computers and replace the money man's brand new laptop with it and show hime how bad it is to use one of those slow overwhelmed machines for a week. But short of that be persistent. Keep the ROI on lost time and track the time lost troubleshooting issues with old computers and get him to understand that by buying new comuters you are not only saving your time and the users time but the company's time. Once you have him convinced write a Procurement Policy for the organization that specifically states how old computer equipment and network gear is allowed to be before being replaced and work it into your department budget. If your dept does not have a budget that could also be a problem. Because if the money man is not alloting for replacement costs in his budget he may just be saving face because he would be short on his annual budget.

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by Thibber In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

All assets have a useful life and it is in the business interests to extend that useful life not cut it short. However, when dealing with PCs, they have a cost of management, not just a cost of ownership. I would suggest you document the costs of managing too many hardware platforms, and the effect that the again workstations have on maintenance activities and costs. I'm all for getting residual value out of equipment, but there is a point that PCs need to go bye bye.

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A user survery helps sell improvements

by newby7718 In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

One of the best tools that consultants use to sell ideas to management is a user survey. Management interviews is another good tool. The combination allows you to present the idea as a user's need and management goal. It is hard for management to deny the facts and those tools make it easier to sell new technology as the solution to both sides of the equation.

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by Gkiss In reply to how to be persuasive/tack ...

Tell your users to notify you in WRITING about any pc related complaint and cc your manager. If they wont' do it, you forward these messages to him\her as FYI. You'll have documentation on both the problems and the user's complaint. On the long run someone will notice.

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