how to break administrator password

By ramu_0099 ·
solve the problam

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Message has been deleted.

by majo213 In reply to how to break administrato ...
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ey can you recomend a strong hacker software for me

by kayrunthins In reply to Message has been deleted.

Hey can you recomend a strong hacker software for me i really need them plssssssssssss

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You seem lost, Location: austria, Australia!

by ComputerCookie In reply to ey can you recomend a str ...

Didn't you read the replies to the initial question.
Well you must be really lost, because you're here and TR does not support hackers so P*** OFF!!! back to where ever you're actually from?

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administrator password hang problem

by shaikhjummalal In reply to Message has been deleted.

plz send key

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Not here

by Tig2 In reply to how to break administrato ...

No one will knowingly help with password cracking.

Call your system administrator or the manufacturer for assistance.

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oh yea...........

by majo213 In reply to Not here

.......What he said.

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If you want to

by The Scummy One In reply to oh yea...........

be a cracker, go to a cracker site! We are professionals and do not give out cracking tools on this public forum.

I reported your previous answer as SPAM to have it removed.

Just remember, anyone can look stuff up here. We do not know ones real intentions, and even if that 1 person is not doing anything wrong, how do you hide the 'crack' from all those others that are trying to break into a stolen system???
Since you are new here, I wanted to bring this to your attention. In the future, please keep this in mind. We are trying to help make it harder for criminals to obtain cracking info.
Thank You

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May I ask?

by bincarnato In reply to If you want to

Why now you are giving this response when you gave out a specific answer with a batch file for doing this in a previous question?
I know I have answered, in the past, how to do this which is why I have chosen to not answer these questions.


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This batch file is self destructive

by w2ktechman In reply to May I ask?

and I was just about to post it to the one who asked the question...LOL

If you are studying scripts, computer repair/administration and/or programming (almost all of IT) you would spot that this program will be harmful. It is a response to deter 'script kiddies' from just trying to crack into systems.
Previously I was posting hoe to electrocute yourself, but got a bunch of hate mail in response. So I toned it down to just breaking Windows beyond a simple repair.
Here on TR, we receive several dozen pw crack requests each week. There is no way for us to determine who is legit, who is trying to do illegal/immoral acts.
Usually I post an actual post before hand, stating the best route to take, then I give warnings and state to only do this if you are trying to become a cracker, and have them practice on their own machine first.

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I got some of YOUR hate mail y'know...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This batch file is self d ...

All I did was congratulate you on how 'clever' it was.

I even got hate mail after I 'chastised' you about your methods!

Jeez - I just can't win.

But - it IS good for a laugh, 'speshally the ones that threaten me, when the sender clearly has no knowledge of my email address if I don't reply.

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