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how to break windows administrator password?

By karthikeyan_bsc ·
how to break windows administrator password

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Or E

by jdclyde In reply to Not to mention

return the laptop to the rightful owner and give up his life of crime.

How often does ANYONE go into their BIOS? If he could have at least lied a little better about WHY he needs to change the password instead of act like it is US that is stupid instead of him....

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You're Right about E - Another Great Option

by bruceslog In reply to Or E

Ok, option
is added to the list

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Just reading the thread for info

by t.balentine In reply to Then I will re-phrase

It looks as if most of the sarcasm has died down I'll make a teensy little post. *ahem* My first, btw.
I've been coming to you wonderful people for several years now. Mainly because I'm a Mac user with the wonderful opportunity to have to use Window based PCs at my job occasionally. No...I'm not technical with computers. I'm what's known as a media specialist (fancy word for a librarian in our schools today) and occasionally my common sense fails me. Thus I do what I've been trained to do and I research my troubles and try to learn. It's why I joined this PC community years ago. Every question I've had I've had answered here. Thanks to all of you and others who've asked who've had the problems that I've needed to resolve...negating any need for me to ask them. Unfortunately I've also not thanked you properly. Thereby my posting count is nil until now. I figured I would only be cluttering the boards with superfluous gack. Yes, it's quite possible I'll vanish again until I have another PC or Windows based problem I need to tackle. My personal mac isn't quite so complicated. It just seems to go on it's own...usually...without much tweaking.
I mention all this because I DO understand ethics and copyright issues and I sorta understand what you're driving at with 99% of all the responses I've read through this entire thread. Yup, the OP probably wasn't legit but some of us are.
I made what I thought was a rather neat swap with a colleague not long ago. I traded an old Tascam digital portastudio and an old Taylor guitar for his old IBM ThinkPad. She (the laptop) has been sitting for several weeks in my desk before I brought her home and tried to play. Lo and behold there's a password needed to log into Windows. My friend neglected to tell me he's locked the world out and it'll probably be awhile before I hear from him once he's settled after his move. No phone or email yet...if ever. We're not really that tight.
So here I am thinking "how hard can this be?". So back to ya'll for some answers and now I've got not only a locked up computer but heartburn after reading all the comments.
No, please...I DO understand what you mean by against the law doing what essentially would appear to be breaking into someone's home. So I won't insult anyone by asking how. I also won't admit that he left his Windows XP disc with me...because I think that's suppose to be licensed to the original buyer (Microsoft really gets you coming and going, huh?), but I do have one quick question before I hire professional help which I really can't afford at this time but might need. Since I'm not the original owner of the ThinkPad...I'm not certain what IBM needs from me to prove ownership other than the disc Microsoft thinks I shouldn't have...which I also don't have any receipts for.
If this is simply a Windows XP log-in issue...would reinstalling Windows get rid of this infuriating password? I read somewhere about Fdisking the harddrive and reinstalling. If this is just silly...I'll proceed to the next step. Saving my money for a bonafide tech. My adventure to the darkside appears to be a dumb one so far. *sigh* At least my friend only needs new strings to get my Taylor going.

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Let me get this right

by w2ktechman In reply to Just reading the thread f ...

you understand our point, and that we cannot verify if it is legit.
You understand copyrights and other legalities
You acknowledge that this poster was likely not 'on the level'
you know that even if an answer is posted here, others -- even those that may have misdeeds goin on, will have access to this info if we post it.
Also, you dig up an old post with plenty of these abound, and want us to answer anyway?

Please tell me it aint so!

Oh, btw -- have you tried calling IBM to see what they need?
and also, btw -- it is best to re-install, as you never know what virus/spyware or other cr@p is on the system. In fact, you should re-install about every year anyway.

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Techman- I didn't see where he was asking for an answer to that question

by Tig2 In reply to Let me get this right

He asked if a re-install would solve the problem and then allowed that he would likely take it to someone who knows Windows systems better. A good approach if you ask me.

Right there with you on the re-install. A Mac user wouldn't generally think of that. Windows users do it religiously. Since my Mac turned one in November, I have thought about toasting the system and refreshing it but it doesn't seem to need it. I love my Mac!

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by w2ktechman In reply to Techman- I didn't see whe ...

I was reading between the lines. Why would this person post this to an old password crack thread?
The suggestion is there with the 'ive got a problem' part, and the 'I am your friend, see, I understand'
The only thing missing was the exact phrase.

As for the actual question -- I thought I had answered it.

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Since you have the disc

by Tig2 In reply to Just reading the thread f ...

Your possession of the install media is not a violation of the EULA as far as I know and it DOES give you a few points. Give MS a call. They can validate the software by asking you for a series of numbers that are stamped into the inner ring of the CD. They will also (or at least used to) walk you through the process to get you back up and running.

You can also try booting from your install media but you will need to have your product key handy as it is a part of the install process. As the computer is second hand, that may be your very best alternative. That way you are starting with a scratch machine.

You might want to take a look at PCLinuxOS as it is very XP like in look and feel and negates any possible issue with ownership even though I seriously doubt that one exists.

Your tone in general indicates to me that you simply want guidance for something that is not known to you. You were candid about your issue and allowed that you were willing to accept what was known to you- password hacking is not a nice thing to do. You also didn't request a hack, you requested additional information about the problem you are having.

I don't validate or invalidate people by post count. I respond to them based on what they say. I hope that you continue to be an active part of the community and not worry that you aren't posting the right things.

I too love my Mac- bought it last year when Vista became inevitable. You are absolutely correct about the difference in user experience- the Mac is almost painfully easy.

Google is your friend.

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And, I'll add....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Just reading the thread f ...

The Windows installation media (the CD) goes with the hardware it is installed on. Since you have that in hand, all you need is the COA sticker (the license with the install key on it) which may well be attached to the bottom of the laptop. With CD in hand and a license key, all you need to do is start the laptop and quickly put the CD in the drive so it can boot up to it. If you're too slow, leave the CD in and reboot the machine. If it's the manufacturer's CD, it should reset the laptop OS back to the way it shipped from the factory. Then, you've cleaned all traces of the previous owner out of it and it'll be almost like new.

If you need more help than that, please start a new thread. This one is a bit long to find your posts in it.


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You've got the CD? You're legal and good to go.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Just reading the thread f ...

"I also won't admit that he left his Windows XP disc with me...because I think that's suppose to be licensed to the original buyer..."

Nope. It's licensed to the hardware it was installed on. Look for a Microsoft sticker on the system. Write down the 25-character product key. Put the Windows CD in, reboot the system so it starts from the CD, and the Windows installation process will start.

By the way, have you tried entering a username of 'Administrator' (without the quotes) and leaving the password field empty? The default p/w is a null field, and it's possible your friend never changed it.

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joet, you're new around here,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ridiculuous Response

so you haven't yet gotten tired of this question. It's usually asked a couple of times a week, normally by someone who joined the same day they ask this question, rarely with any explanation of why the asker doesn't have the password. As TiggerTwo noted, for some reason the majority (70-80%) of these requests originate from India or Pakistan. I'm not exaggerating this; check the Forum backlogs for yourself.

Think of it as someone who just joined a hunting club, and at the first get-together he attends the very first question words he speaks is to ask how to hunt a protected species. It doesn't make a very good impression when the first question you ask is how to crack a password, with no explanation of why you need to do it.

Tigger was actually quite polite. Most of the time this question is treated as the straight line to a joke, or as flame bait. Wait until you see one of w2ktechman's 500-word essays on how to crack a password. We'd appreciate it if you'd hang around and participate, but right or wrong, this question is never treated seriously here at TR, regardless of who asked it or where they're from.

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