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how to break windows administrator password?

By karthikeyan_bsc ·
how to break windows administrator password

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me wonders...

by catseverywhere In reply to joet, you're new around h ...

Are all these requests coming from out-sourced "help desk" workers who are constantly up against a caller that can't do what the flow sheet tells them to do because of administrator privilege separation??

"...OK, I clicked on it and now it's asking me for the password for 'administrator'..."

"...well, put your password in there and click 'OK'..."

"..I don't know what the password is..."

Minion gets punished (further) for low percentage of fixes/customer satisfaction.

"Dear anybody: how do I break the administrator password?"

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We've tossed that theory around.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to me wonders...

But if it's coming from a help desk, I'd expect questions on more topics than just cracking a password.

The pattern is pretty standard; create an account, ask about cracking a p/w, never return. If it was a help desk serf, at least some of the time the person's first question would be on some other topic, and they'd return with other problems. Also, much of the time the written English is below standard. A help desk vassal would at least be able to read their troubleshooting menus, and be able to correspond at a similar level.

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And your response down right stupid

by jdclyde In reply to Ridiculuous Response

You do not know the posters, and being a posting member for a whole day does not add to your credibility.

Would not be surprised if the original poster and joet were one and the same, trying to shame people into giving out dumb advice because they don't have the skill to find out themselves.

Tig is a better person than you will likely hope to ever be.

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Joet how is Tig's response racist?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ridiculuous Response

It mealy says that this is an unacceptable question here particularly posted in the format that it is. The fact that the poster is from India is immaterial and as they have listed this place as home so what? If they went to any half way decent IT Course they would have been taught how to do this and wouldn't need to ask particularly in the way that they did with no explanation. Perhaps you would like to open a computer for me because I ask that should be sufficient shouldn't it? :^0

But if you are so concerned why don't you supply an answer to the above question?

I don't because I'm legally Bound by LAWS here that would consider me guilty of a Crime if I helped someone illegally gain access to a computer/Network that they had no right to access. Perhaps you feel different about this but as this a a open Forum you need to remember that everyone can read this and it's likely to come up on a Goggle Search as well so the advice that you willing give to one person effectively becomes Public Domain which not many people want.


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The beast is ALIVE!

by jdclyde In reply to Joet how is Tig's respons ...

Beth must have pulled some strings, huh? B-)

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Yes I've been so good lately.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The beast is ALIVE!

Or maybe it's because I've been really sick not sure which though. Or maybe because I've been so sick and my lack of posts made Beth think that I've been Extra Good. :^0

Beth was so helpful and I'll know better next time.

Col ]:)

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by maecuff In reply to Ridiculuous Response

You missed the PERFECT opportunity to tell someone to go outside and play hide and go f*ck yourself.

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by Tig2 In reply to Tig!!!

Catch me on a bad day during chemo. I won't miss the opportunity.

I'll probably even manage to screw up my "nice" persona.

So much to look forward to...

The fact that someone called me a racist- after the day I had yesterday- just burned my @ss. But I still can't bring myself to call someone a total moron... even when they beg for it.

You'll teach me how to do that? Tell someone to go outside and all? Cause right now, I have a list...

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You have to take it a step at a time Tig

by jdclyde In reply to Mae-

Start out by calling them a PARTIAL moron, and work your way up!

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It's really easy

by maecuff In reply to Mae-

You just open your mouth and say the words. Of course, there is fall out from time to time when you speak your mind, however, the rewards are great.

Don't let him bother you. You have so much to focus on right now. This is nothing and not even worth a glance from you.

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