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How to convince users to use their computers only for business related work

By creative8008 ·
I always get impressed when i receive a help request from a user that said : " My computer is very slow, i need to wait 5 minutes to open any application"

Although he has a P4 computer with 60GB HDD and 512MB of RAM, it looks like there is somthing serious happing, checking viurs monitoring log on the server, checking updates, every thing works fine , but finally you go to the user look at his computer then be happy or get made you fined thousands of MP3s songs, handrads of Moives and quit few games mostly not more than 10 - 15, and finally up to 13 -15 startup programs such as chatting programs, messengers, picture views, calenders !!! Now can any one tell me How to convince users to use their computers only for business related work specially if those users in upper managment levels ?

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by Ibanezoo In reply to Unions

My nicknames are Network Nazi and Hardware Himler

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re: lol

by sulabh08 In reply to lol

not Hardware Himler it's Hardware Hitler

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by Ibanezoo In reply to re: lol

Hah surprizingly I havn't yet been compaired to Hitler... Only Himmler

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Not to get too off subject

by Lock'emDown In reply to Unions

You are not alone... My former last name is Hahn...some of my nicknames include: Ghengis Hahn, Attila the Hahn, the Wrath of Hahn (for you trekkies out there), and Network Nazi. There are others but they are unfit for posting.

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by operations In reply to Unions

In my company I'm known as the Network Nazi - I'm proud of the fact our users very rarely open or go to a website that isn't business related - they're afraid I'll take everything away. So if you have to be the Network Nazi do it - up to this point in time our company has not been hit with a virus or trojan.

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by jjlucero In reply to Unions

You have my sympothy, I do feel your pain but sometimes the best approach is to just let them live with it until they can suck it up and admit they made a their own bed that they have to lie in.

I deal with it everyday, my laptop is to slow, why do you people bother giving us one? Its Useles!!! And then they call you every thing from IT/Computer Nazi's to PC Police, make claims that you've spied on their e=mail but as stated in earlier post...this isn't YOUR machine it belongs to the company you work for and was given to them to do their job, don't pull your hair out, it's not worth it, you have to have support from your IT manager, good luck with that, but in the mean time, if they are forced to work with it "AS IS" until you can undo their self inflicted damage... they will certainly appreciate it more, union or no union, they aren't IT and can make all the accusations they want but if parts aren't available or some other more pressing issue is the problem like you don't feel like fixing it today, well seems they could have a problem proving it to be an intentional delay, we justify stuff all the time to our self inflicted victims and it seems to work pretty well.

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Management without control

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Unions

Back in 1997 a colleague ask how you could manage something like this and I gave him a set up that I had dreamed up for a IT Network Management assignment, he later implemented it at his work. A big company with over 5,000 PCs across the country.

PC has 2 hard drives, C drive is the corporate system and D drive is for local data. My Documents and Favorites are pointed to folders on D drive as part of the corporate image, as is a folder called 'Personal' in the email client. All corporate data is stored on servers, with all but the Personal folder in the email on the mail server.

The corporate image is such that no additional folders can be added to the mail client no data storage pointers can be changed. All log on profiles are on the servers.

Every Wednesday night ALL computers are to be left on so that IT can roll out patches and updates etc. This is done by making a new image and then it is placed on every PC during the night. Thus every Wednesday night sees any new applications vanish. The people can do anything that they wish.

If an individual needs a special application it is loaded onto the D drive with a link in the favorites.

Gateway is set up so that all ports but those needed for corporate usage are closed off (chat and IM within the network works but not with the world) and some software to lock out inappropriate websites.

The corproate IT policies refelct all this and no one cares about what they want to do with the D drive as the main system works well and gets FIXED each week.

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That's the way to do it

by bfelts In reply to Strong IS Management is N ...

The only way to get any traction on this issue is with management buy-in. Otherwise, you are whistling in the dark. No amount of reasoning will sway users if your management is resisting the very policies you need to implement. I know folks that have lost their job because management will not back them on something as unpopular as a reasonable AUP, but still hold IT accountable for upholding virus, piracy, e-mail compliance, and other issues. Heck, folks have lost their jobs for trying to implement something as simple as a password policy, due to user outcry. Look to the management, and you will see their attitudes replicated down to the shipping dock guy. If they (your management) won't support you, you don't stand a chance.

Good luck!

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Here Is Another Way

by jkratzer In reply to That's the way to do it

I did not have managment support for my policies at first. I implemented them anyway. I implemented strong password policies and even stronger windows policy's.

Now that managment can see the benifit, I have there support. (And a promotion to Technology Manager)

Sometimes you have to go against the grain to get the job done and realy show management the results. Just reporting users, in most companies, is wasting your time.

Stand firm on what you believe to be right and follow through. If the company does not like the results, then it is not the right company for you.

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Provide proof...

by Ibanezoo In reply to Rules breakers !!!!

You have to prove what they are doing is bad for the company. For example, we recently got a call from payroll saying that they couldn't do their work because the website they were trying to get to was going so slow it was timing out. Well, I like to get paid, and so does everyone else I assume.... so, it was easy to see a few users flooding the T1 with streaming audio and video and provide that information to management. Needless to say, those bandwidth wasters were terminated and the websites they were going to were added to the blacklist.

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