How to deal with a persistent hacker

By mr.blacksociety ·
EDIT: Thanks for the suggestions. I'll just reformat my computer and use preventive measures against further hacking. I understand there are some who think I should take legal action but in our country, something like that requires money and tedious process. Besides, I am outnumbered by the attackers (yes, the truth is, they're a group). If I told the school administrators, the hackers can easily conspire to hide the truth. More importantly, I have no recorded proof against them. It would be a greater loss if I fight back legally.

I need help in removing malware/virus in my computer. I don't know what kind of malware it is but I have noticed some symptoms that indicate my PC has been hacked. Aside from that, I'm pretty sure I've been hacked because the hacker himself has admitted that he has been monitoring my computer activity. I don't know if he's stopped already but I wanna check my computer before I decide to reformat it as a last resort.

I've read overviews of different hacking techniques and have tried countering them in various ways (done with the basic firewall, antivirus and antispyware). I already tried intrusion prevention/detection systems (like Snort), I've installed toolbars to hep me determine phishing sites, I've installed different virus/malware removal tools; but I still can't find the assurance that I am secured from the hacker. There are many ways to hack a computer and I don't really know what method he's using.

From the information he's disclosed, it seems like he's using a keylogger, and that he's phishing sites, or perhaps even manipulating my browser. Oh, and how is it possible for him to hear me singing on the headset? Is it possible to manipulate the hardware remotely? By the way, as far as I'm aware, he hasn't been to our house ever. So he's basically remotely monitoring me. Is it also possible for him to trace which PC I'm using as long as I've logged in one of my accounts (like email or facebook) in that particular computer? Because even when I'm using the PC at school, he was able to monitor me still.

I need answers to my questions so I can finally get rid of fear and confusion, and tackle this problem in a more direct manner. I appreciate any help.

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by mr.blacksociety In reply to Internet Cafe etc...

I don't think that's likely. They live 3 cities away from my place. I live 2 cities away from school. I commute everyday.

(I'm sorry for not providing all the necessary information needed for everyone to fully understand the situation. Forgive me if my thoughts just race sometimes, I often end up being incoherent in some of my posts/confusing people.)

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Phone is near PC...

by mr.blacksociety In reply to Not sure what to think ab ...

very near in fact...oh, and sorry for being a little incoherent. The situation's just a bit complicated and I'm too lazy to mention ALL the details. My thoughts are just racing.

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by iain.obrien In reply to Phone is near PC...

Okay, I've just read this entire topic and I'm concerned about one thing here.

You said that 'they' are able to quote your online conversations and phone calls back to you. Have you considered that 'they' might also be able to read your posts on TechRepublic? Are you posting from a secure location? If not, I'd be afraid that they would remain one step ahead of you, as they'd be able to see what steps you are taking to stop them.

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Hacker Problems

by dantelewis In reply to How to deal with a persis ...

You could give me an email address I'll send you a rootkit revealer and a pretty hard core malware removal tool, for free you could also provide me with your computers credentials and I can provide security (sounds like prison) but I'm an elite and happy to help.

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Ehhh. Why take the risk

by TobiF In reply to Hacker Problems

If I want a Rootkit revealer, I'll use the original from Sysinternals.
For Malware removal there are several good programs available for free (at least for non-commercial use).

BUT, since there are many rouge security applications and outright trojans out there, I'd select my sources myself, and never trust software from unchecked sources.

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by seanferd In reply to Ehhh. Why take the risk

he's <i>elite</i>!

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how to solve it (maybe)

by kaelan002 In reply to How to deal with a persis ...

Ive got an idea, it is possible to block applications sending data to certain web adresses by adding them to a file called hosts located here C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (you open it with notepad). If you can find out where he is taking your data ( probably his computer but may be a rented server if hes really serious about it) then in theory you can block all aplications (ie his keylogger etc) from sending data (ie your passwords) to his acces point. You could probably install some kind of outgoing data tracker, shut down all aplications that us the internet and leave your computer logging in to something as "bait". Then you should be able to see everything that was sent in that period and where to. He would then have to change the location his apps send data to but without a connection to them he wouldnt be ablt to remotely.

This is all theoreticall and i dont know as its possible as ive never tried it but its worth a try (just make sure you set it up with all internet connections disabled so he doesnt know youve installed a tracker.)

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This should help

by snabibax In reply to How to deal with a persis ...

Use another computer to download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, install it and create a rescue disk. Boot your computer from the rescue disk and perform a full scan from there. After the scan and you've logged into your computer, Install Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 on it and register your copy. Run all you applications in Safe run mode of the antivirus software. I am not praising Kaspersky but it really should solve your problem. After this, consider changing all your passwords like email, facebook and also configure a password for the antivirus as well.

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Reponse To Answer

by kaelan002 In reply to This should help

that might not work as the application was installed by the hacker as "him" so will be no doubt set up as "safe". This may be relevant but may not, a while ago I was experimenting with batch commands and i created a "virus" that was simply a program that when opened, opened and ran it self over and over again, filling up the memory in seconds and crashing the computer (known as a fork or batch bomb). The interesting thing was that my av (norton 2010) did absolutely nothing about it even a full system scan (with the program not running disabled but still on the hdd) did not detect it.

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Another one of those threads that just won't die.

by seanferd In reply to How to deal with a persis ...

On the other hand, it is largely amusing.

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