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How to deal with increasing micromanagement on the job

By jck ·
Most folks have seen me talk about my current job situation, and how the environment has become one of lack of respect and reversal of assurances made to me by management.

At this point however, the micromanagement has gotten so bad where I work that now timekeeping is asking me on my submitted hours if my time with no marked lunch means I took no lunch.

To this, I should have said 1 word: duh.

It's bad enough that I have to provide project statuses frequently, and that I (as a salaried exempt employee) am still required to turn in a timesheet as though I am punching a clock.

I am often called a "computer professional" because I am "white-collar" and degreed in a technical field and all of that. But, I feel treated as though I am untrustworthy or incompetent or unprofessional in some manner because any little thing that does not fit the "norm" is questioned.

I feel as though if I don't fit the cookie cutter image, I face an inquisition as to why I don't.

I don't know how you all feel about your current situations, or what they even are. I would be interested though to hear what other peoples' situations are like.

I've never been treated this way in another position, and don't know if I've just been lucky in the past or if I should be even more diligent to find some professional relief through other opportunities.

Hopefully, I can get some idea of what other people in development face and how their management is and the flexibility their allowed without question.

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Since we now get paid for over-time hours,...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to How to deal with increasi ...

the only thing 'they' need to know is how many hours I've worked. Not what time I started, how long lunch was (if any), nor what time I stopped.

THEY'RE starting to treat us that way here now also and I'm getting tired of it. I may not be 'exempt' anymore but I'm still a salaried professional with 30 years experience, don't treat me like a minimum wage clerk.

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by jck In reply to Since we now get paid for ...

I feel treated like my every minute has to be accounted for on a sheet, and whenever there is any discrepancy I am put through an inquisition as to why.

For example: One day, I had gotten here about 7:45am and had no breaks and no lunch time because I had two issues I had to deal with that day. It was 4:10pm and I was ready to leave so I did.

The next morning, the boss pulls me in and asks me "What time did you leave?" and I said "About 4:10pm, because I had no breaks and no lunch and I was hungry." and he just replied "Oh.".

Evidently, someone else in the office made note of it to him as though I had left early without cause. So instead of looking at my timesheet (which is saved on a server and he knows it, because I've caught him parusing them before), he goes into **** Tracy mode.

I, like you, am sick of being treated like a peasant. I have over 17 years in the business post-degree, and more than 25 if you include all the consulting I did while in high school and university for which I was paid to do work for businesses.

It angers me that I get expected to act as though I am a respected, educated, informed professional, but I am not given the professional treatment of trust and respect from my employer.

But, I guess that's the world nowadays.

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wet feet

by shasca In reply to exactly

Do you periodically step in pudlles when walking about the Office? This does appear to be a sinking ship.

Does it seem you are another victim of the economy?
Do you see other signs of cutting back in the company, or do you just feel like you are being singled out for some unknown reason?

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