How to drive traffic?

By harne123 ·
If you are having more than 5K twitter followers then is it possible to get traffic to website. Can twitter followers really drive traffic to blog or not?
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Driving Traffic Through Social Media

by fahadurrehman In reply to How to drive traffic?

The major ways of getting web traffic is via SEO. It is the only strategy which can get you a lot of people than your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media.

Since you notified that you have 5k followers on twitter, but litrally, you will hardly get 42 to 48 clicks per tweet if you tweet on active hours.

So, what i think, that you need a better SEO stretegy, do not focus on the numbers, focus on the content you're writing, and the numbers will follow once you publish a quality content.

To start with SEO you need to have a faster loading website because google loves it. I have used HawkHost and currently using Hostnoc, giving me the fastest loading site, and my content is my only weapon which is gaining me a lot of number via SEO despite having 1,000,000+ likes on facebook.

I would have provided the link but i'm afraid the forum won't allow it.

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Drive Traffic

by In reply to How to drive traffic?

1. To drive more traffic to your website you should work on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
2. Post Genuine and Useful content
3. Follow community members and needful pages
4. And using some off page SEO optimization techniques ...etc

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by startupkit In reply to How to drive traffic?

The only way to get traffic is SEO as well as you can join Facebook groups and post your text or links.

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Traffic through Search Engine Optimization

by grill2018madonna In reply to How to drive traffic?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best way to drive traffic to your website. As you have mentioned that you have 5k followers on your twitter profile but still you are unable to get traffic. Make a proper SEO strategy because it's one of the best way you can get more traffic to your website.

Try this strategy and I am sure you will like it and will be able to get traffic to your site.

Hope this help!!

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Drive Traffic

by arao70521 In reply to How to drive traffic?

To drive traffic for your website you can start:
1. Social media marketing: Promote your brand and services in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIN, Pinterest, etc. Increase the number of your followers to give your post a maximum reach.
2. Start Blogging- Blogs are the way by which you can drive more traffic and engagement.

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How to drive traffic?

by matthewjohn938 In reply to How to drive traffic?

You can increase your social media engagement. Start posting regular content.

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