How to escape firewall security ?

By montazer_tech_support ·
Our office senior system administrator restricted our access which is : hotmail, yahoomail and gmail.. we have LAN and my ip is :

we know he configured fortinet/fortiget firewall & restricted our access..

how's it possible for me to enable only my PC can access those site's without his permission..

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You Stupid-A$$ Moron

by The Scummy One In reply to How to escape firewall se ...

Dont you know that if it was restricted by your manager, they DONT want you to visit those sites? C'mon now, you cant be that f**king DUMB can you?
I hope he checks the logs of your attempts and fires your sorry a$$, because you truly are a piece of shlt.

btw -- dont even ask for such stupid-a$$ things here, f**king dumba$$

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by MechanicalPC In reply to You Stupid-A$$ Moron

No need for such hard language...obviously this person doesn't understand that TR is a place to get information on "legitimate" IT problems...not circumventing something an employer does.

As for trying to bypass something that is is probably company policy...unless you're the CEO of the company you work would be better off punching your supervisor in the face, or quit your job...either won't have a job if you're caught.

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Well done.... HAHAHA

by ---TK--- In reply to You Stupid-A$$ Moron

So many insults in such a little space, I'm totally impressed!

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Simple ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to escape firewall se ...

Do it from home!

You won't need his permission when you are sitting at home, using your PC to access these sites via your own connection which you yourself are paying for.

That way you can best do what you get paid to do during your working day - YOUR JOB!

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escape the firewall?

by Snuffy09 In reply to How to escape firewall se ...

What? is it after you? RUN!

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Write a email worded like this to bypass

by StealthWiFi In reply to escape the firewall?

Dear Admin,

I appreciate you doing your job and trying to keep me on task but I am just soo damn lazy I need to check my personal email all day at work and then wonder why they fired me.

So I'm calling in a bomb threat - in fact consider this email the threat.

Resind the hotmail block so I can talk to 65 year old guys posing as 16 year old girls about how big a man I am (even though I'm only 4'6" and push kids down at the mall to feel big).

Stupid Lazy *** employee (make that ex employee)

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by puppybreath In reply to How to escape firewall se ...

work real hard and gain the knowledge you need to replace him. Then you can have all the access you would ever need.

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