How to fix a bad sector in a protected Win XP system file?

By brennan2004 ·
I have 4K's of bad sectors near the end of my drive in a file protected by Windows. The file is hardly ever used because the only way I discovered it was during a full system backup. I have tried Checkdisk running under Bartpe, but requesting checkdisk to fix the errors still did not work. Does anyone know of another useful plugin I could try, or should I try something off the Ultimate Boot disk?
Toshiba A100, 80G HD, WinXP Sp3
Thanks John

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What file?

by TonytheTiger In reply to How to fix a bad sector i ...

If it's one of the ones Windows "puts back" if you accidentally delete it, RENAME the file. Windows will copy it back (onto different sectors), then you can delete the renamed file. THEN run chkdsk and Windows should flag the clusters containing the bad sectors as unusable.

As others have indicated though, this is likely the beginning of the end for the drive, so back up often.

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