how to fix this?

By prettymars ·
i have a computer that is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition it has been a while now that it does not start normally. i have to press F2 so i can proceed. this is what it appears on screen.
press f8 for BBS POPUP
Pc2-5300 single channel mode
initializing usb controllers.. done.
896mb +128mb
usb device: 1mouse
auto - detecting pri master.. atapi cd-rom
auto - detecting 3rd master.. ide hard disk
pri master: asus drw 2014L1 1.01
ultra dma mode-4
3rd master st380815as 3.chf
ultra dma mode-5, s.m.a.r.t. capable and status ok
auto-detecting usb mass storage devices..
00 usb mass storage devices found and configured
cmos checksum bad
cmos date/time not set
press f1 to run setup
press f2 to load default values and continue
i tried f1 to run setup i change the date and time there a few times. when i reboot it start normally. but problem is the next day i start the computer again it is back to what it is.
how can i fix it? and also when i insert a cd/dvd it cannot open the content. please help..

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by prettymars In reply to Think of the CMOS battery ...

thank you Peconet Tietokoneet

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Battery dead. It doesn't work any more.

by oldbaritone In reply to how to fix this?

It's not a "why" question. The battery performs important functions. When the battery is dead, those functions are not performed. The functions include maintaining the CMOS setup and the real-time clock.

The battery is dead. Until you replace it, you will continue to have the problems. That's why it has a battery. It needs a battery that has energy. A dead one will not work.

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Be Glad you have a PC

by plandok In reply to how to fix this?

If you owned an iMac or MacBook, you would have to take it in to the shop. They use batteries which are "special" and are not sold to non-techs. Or the batteries are soldered in. How they make money. Lots of it. With PCs, the batteries reside in a holder which is on the motherboard. Extract the battery (looks like a large 5 cent piece) and take it to an electronics store or a dollar store and get one which is the same size and thickness. Unfortunately, there are zillions as it seems each device manufacturer designs batteries which differ by mere millimetres. But being standard battery cells, the voltage is the same. For longevity, I recommend the silver-oxide type which although more expensive, last way longer. Of course, I am old school and maybe there are new types out. That's why taking the cell to the store is important.

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CMOS battery

by noorman In reply to how to fix this?

the button battery mentioned before is a std non-rechargeable battery which will run for several years. It will run down more quickly if the PC is down for long periods, because it only powers the CMOS memory chip and system clock chip when the PC is without power from the mains. When it goes flat, your CMOS memory can't keep your BIOS settings stored anymore (yours or the default settings). That 's why the PC won't start up as normal. As has been said, change the large (3.0V) button cell for a new one and set your BIOS for default settings to start off. It 'll be fixed!

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