How to get 2 cams on 2 different port 1394 ...

By dsalvani ·
Hi there !
I can't solve this problem:
I want to plug 2 cams on a laptop using a PCMCIA firewire card which as 2 port on it.
When i switch on the cams, win XP recognize only one cam. In fact affect only one port automatically. If I plug another hardware instead ( a cam and a hard disk for ex) , it works as the system affect 2 differents ports 1394.
How to get XP "thinking" that I plug two different hardware and have 2 ports 1394 with mys 2 cams ?

(It worked one time for both cams, don't know why .... I suppose the order to start some process was important)

Thks for help

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Someone else asked this question recently ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to get 2 cams on 2 di ...

I'll have a look and see if I can find the thread.

Well - stumble across the previous thread might be a better description.

Don't rely on me - I never do.

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Go here for your answer(s).................

Hope it all works out for you.

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USB nor Firewire .... but

by dsalvani In reply to Go here for your answer(s ...

it seems i have a part of the answer: because 2 cams, XP don't see the second one "thinking" that it's already plugged. It explain why it's working when I plug a cam AND a hard disk or a different peripheral.

Now the question is "How to have XP "thinking" that the 2nd cam is not ... a cam but something else and have it to open another channel !

Thks for your help

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Are your Webcams of a different make or are they the same make?.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to USB nor Firewire .... but

Why i ask is that if you have the SAME make of webcams they will NOT work, the webcams will have to be of different makes for both of them to work at the same time.

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2 Canon MV 900 et 3 Samsung VP D371

by dsalvani In reply to Are your Webcams of a dif ...

I'm going to try with 1 Canon and 1 Samsung ...

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Still not working

by dsalvani In reply to 2 Canon MV 900 et 3 Samsu ...

using a Canon and a Samsung do not solve the problem

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