How to get Outlook Express complete "from" email address?

By tombeall ·
I use Windows Outlook Express as my email client. Emails received have the person's name listed in the "FROM" space. How does one have Outlook Express show the actual email address of the person (group, company, etc.) to be displayed? Also I would like to display all email addresses in the "FROM" and "COPY TO" areas when receiving email. I have not been able to discover how to do this. Displaying the name in the "FROM" is OK, but the email address is also needed. If I forward the email to someone else, the email address(s) are detailed. Why not in normal received emails?


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OE is NOT Outlook Light

by TheChas In reply to How to get Outlook Expres ...

I don't have access to a machine with OE on it at the moment to see what options there might be.

What I do know, is Outlook Express is NOT Outlook light. OE is a totally different program and does many things in a very different manner than Outlook does.

I think the only answer for you is to try a different email client. Perhaps, even Outlook.


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RE: OE is NOT Outlook Light

by tombeall In reply to OE is NOT Outlook Light

True OE not O. O is overkill for me. Not interested in other email clients.

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OE Help

by TheChas In reply to RE: OE is NOT Outlook Li ...

My best suggestion then is to go to the OE help web site and see what tips there are.


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RE: OE Help

by tombeall In reply to OE Help

Thanks "TheChas". Was not aware of this help source. A brief look indicates it will be of use even if it does not answer my specific question.

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These are what you need.... Or can do with...

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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RE: Outlook Express FROM address

by tombeall In reply to These are what you need.. ...

Thanks. But I want to see the actual email address in my InBox listing. I can get the actual email address via various techniques other than third party software (two mentioned in my original post).

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You will find it in Properties

by nepenthe0 In reply to How to get Outlook Expres ...

I also use Outlook Express. It is not the most user-friendly application to configure, but once you have done it, it is very dependable.

To determine the sender's address, right click the file and click Properties. You will see it posted on the General tab. You can copy the address from the Details tab, usually about 3 lines from the bottom.

Rick/Portland, OR

P.S. - We're almost neighbors. I live in Raleigh Hills...

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RE: You will find it in Properties

by tombeall In reply to You will find it in [i]Pr ...

True. This is a third way to find the email address and more. I mentioned two in my original post.

However, I want to see the email address in my InBox instead of (or in addition to) the "name" the sender supplies. I know OE is limited in what it can do, but this seems like it should be a simple task. I guess I need the a book on "OE for Dummies", if one exists, to determine if such a display is at all possible.

Have to look up Raleigh Hills. Retired and moved here from IN in '03 to be nearer kids & GKs. Don't know all areas. Still consult on occasion (less each year).

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OutLook for Dummies... More here..,subcat-USING.html

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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I hope this goes some way to resolving your email problem(s).

Copied from:

For Windows 2000 users with Outlook 2000: I don't know if these links will help your annoyance, but I have found that when you move your Outlook 2000 PST file to a different location on your harddrive, Outlook replaces Contacts' email addresses with first and last names. Very annoying. To make matters worse, when you try to get the Properties on the name (to try and recover the actual email address), it displays the error message, "The name or distribution list entry has been deleted and is no longer a valid address book entry. The item cannot be found." Now my day is going *just* perfect. If you follow the "Change the E-mail Type of All Contacts" procedure at...;EN-US;q180522& ... it at least restores the email address Property data, though it still continues to display the Contact name rather than the actual email address. Now, you can replace these by hand as shown here:;EN-US;q277747& Or, to do it en masse, use the export/import method as described in the first link, but with this new twist: When you import your Contacts, follow step 7 ('Click "Clear Map," "Default Map'), but instead drag "Email Address" from the FROM column into the "Email Display Address" in the TO column. (Repeat for Email 2 and Email 3, respectively.) This will eliminate the "Email Display Name". What will remain, after the import is done, is the email address. Voila, the email address are displayed in the email fields! Right as rain. As usual, an operation of this importance requires you to make good backups of your data, lest something strange happen. Thus far, this Export-out, Import-in method doesn't appear to have any downsides (i.e. impacting the other data fields), but you never know... The kicker to all of this appears in the second MS article above where it says,"This behavior is by design." I love it. - Chester

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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