How To Get Rid Of A Hacker??

By Diamondgirl54 ·
I've got a hacker who keeps breaking into my computer through my browser. I use both IE 9.0 and Firefox 4.0. It doesn't matter - he breaks in through either one. It started with him breaking into my Hotmail account; now he is breaking into websites where I shop, especially Amazon. How do I get rid of this guy??!! I've got Norton 360 for security, but that certainly isn't working. What to do??

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by digital riverrat In reply to I would go a lot further

Get behind a router, too. This won't stop determined and knowledgeable hackers, but it's a very good start. You can also use it to close ports you don't use. Most people only use the web. Which means that you really only need a couple of ports open. If you have an external email application, that adds one or two more ports to open. Hackers take advantage of open ports in the higher ranges quite often, so closing these off can often-times defeat them.
Also, installing and using a traffic monitor can tell you what port is being used and where the traffic is originating and ending.

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Moving on & How to get There

by satch_a In reply to How To Get Rid Of A Hacke ...

Good Advice combined with thorough methodology will probably enable you to clean up and secure your pc.
At this stage its not important what it is. Just stopping the activities that are making your digital life undoubtedly insecure.
Good suggestions have been offered on this thread, how to apply them & in what order may be the trick you need.
I find using the advise and experience provided by sites such as;

Which both have malware removal forums, guides, tools, and above all knowledge invaluable.
Following their advise, patiently will give you a confirmed result, and personal security understanding.
May I suggest only using tools that you understand or have been advised to apply.
Combofix is a powerful scriptable tool. Your adviser may provide you with specific instructions or a script to apply.
Enabling a specific solution to your problem to be applied.
Particular methodology is required, to defeat these threats, which are after all working in a structured environment provided by us.
Bleepingcomputer has a warning not to use combo fix unless asked to.
Mr Birds method is imho good, & may give you the result you need. His methodology is a lesson on how to do this stuff.
However additionally you really need someone with specific operating system & security knowledge to check out your gathered software logs (HiJack this etc). To see if the appearance matches the reality of what is installed on your machine.
Following the instructions and guides on these fora is quite easy and relaxing to do. Guides for newbys & all necessary information are available. The time you spend on the evolutions will be repaid many fold with the results you obtain.

Propriety combined anti virus/malware programs are useful. unfortunately they can be disabled while still appearing to do the job you paid for them to do.

Your efforts will help other community members, & who knows you may have discovered an unusual, badly applied whatever. Which will help the security community and everyone else go about our lives with a little less interference.

Your results will be confirmed, by those who know, & are considered to be some of the best publicly available security minds. Then if all else fails you can quarantine your data to be exercised later. Start again, building a more secure system combining your new knowledge / advise, your acquired software & hardware into a more robust computing system.
Have a good one
Take care

P.S. Other links Shields up is a good check plus other security information.

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by roland.beaumont In reply to How To Get Rid Of A Hacke ...

Shoot them (not recommended where local laws dont permit)


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by OH Smeg In reply to Simples

Wouldn't it be easier to just stop using the computer?

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by Diamondgirl54 In reply to Simples

you have no idea how much i would like to!! I tried to do a recovery June 8 and the whole darn computer *died*. Personally, i think whoever infected me should have to do so as well!!

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by fujihts In reply to How To Get Rid Of A Hacke ...

How do you know you are being hacked ?


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I'd get a new firewall product

by digital riverrat In reply to How To Get Rid Of A Hacke ...

I have not liked Norton for quite some time. Their algorithms just haven't kept up with the "bad guys" I prefer Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and ESET Smart Security, both of which are firewalls, anti-malware and antivirus products. Kasperky even comes with a "mini-sandie box" environment called 'Safe Run', where you can execute code you're not sure about, without worrying about it causing trouble for your system. Unfortunately, as far as I know, ESET doesn't have this capability.

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