HOw to join wind 7 to 2003 AD domain without DNS server

By dorahoney ·
Hi all

I am new to this stuff and have an issue which I cannot correct without causing havoc on my domain.

I have a 2003 R2 Domain which the previous IT person had not setup DNS he uses the DNS from the ISP on all the computers ( which is a mega NO NO as I know it) anyway the issue is that now I need to add windows 7 Prof clients to the domain and I am not having any luck.

Running nslookup on the windows 7 client produces the IP and name of the DNS of the ISP. I am able to ping the Domain server from the win 7 computer.

The Domain Controller does not have DNS setup at all.
There exists 6 VPN setup by the ISP toremote offices which run a custom SQL program.

As we all know wind 7 relies on DNS for mappings and so on how do I get to join this new wind 7 computer to the existing domain with the least amount of chaos now.

FYI a new server 2008 domain controller will join the domain in under a month and I was thinking on setting DNS services up on it and removing the ISP DNS from the clients then replacing the DNS IP on the clients and then setting up a forwarder on the new server DNS to the ISP's DNS.

The issue is NOW what can I do to get this wind 7 computer joined to the domain ?
Two if I do as I state above with the new server setting up DNS will I affect the VPN's??

Thanks in Advance for any help

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if this is your domain name [ ] for your internal network add that

by CG IT In reply to HOw to join wind 7 to 200 ...

as the DNS suffix [as a helper (append DNS suffix) ] in the TPC/IP advanced DNS properties of the network card.

if in fact the ISP hosts your DNS server thus provides name resolution for your internal company domain, it should direct the DNS query for the IP address of your domain controller to your internal company domain controller thus allow authentication and joining the workstation to the domain.

If your ISP does not provide name resolution services for your internal company domain, then you have to find out what DNS server does. DNS simply is name resolution to IP address. when trying to join a domain, you use the domain name. If there is no DNS server which can say = IP address [of Domain controller] then the query will always fail because the workstation can not find the domain controller.

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Joining Domain without DNS info in Workstation

by rdzaman In reply to HOw to join wind 7 to 200 ...

As I know that to join domain need to give DNS address in the workstation to point the Domain. I have seen other company to install XP Images on the PC's and joining Domain without any DNS information on the workstation.

Right now where I am working need to implement the same procedure. If any one give me some guidence to help me out from this situation.

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