How to lock Insert Marker to mouse cursor

By Sebastian42 ·
In the text-body of Text Editors, one can click the mouse in some position and that becomes the point where text can be entered. Can that be arranged for the situation of WordPerfect5.1+forDOS in WinXP ?

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I don't think so

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to lock Insert Marker ...

But it all depends on how you have got WP 5.1 running in XP as it's not supported Natively so you must have some form of DOS Emulator running and it depends here on what that is and how it handles the Mouse.

Though WP 6 for Windows supports this option and all newer versions of WP also support this.


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Reponse To Answer

by Sebastian42 In reply to I don't think so

OH Smeg - Do I have your name right ?
<<depends on how you have got WP 5.1 running in XP>>
I just copied WP files that worked in WinMe into WinXP, and it worked. I have enhanced the functioning of WP5.1+ with Tame6.0, which DOES make WP5.1 more user friendly, and Tame6.0 'promises' some mouse enhancements, but they have not answered my query as to locking the insert marker to the mouse cursor. I have tried WP6 and rejected it in favour of WP5.1+, because WP6 has lost features I value (and gained features I can get in other text editors). I do not know if Tame6.0 is a DOS Emulator, and if it is not, I do not know what is doing the DOS emulation (apparently needed, according to your post). It would be really great if the desired feature, which is available in WP6, could be 'retro-fitted' to WP5.1+. I hope we can keep interacting about this - most people turn off
when DOS is mentioned.

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You'll need someone with a lot more recent Program experience

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to lock Insert Marker ...

Than I currently have. This is because 5.1 didn't use a mouse and you'll need to recode it.

I too disliked 6 for Windows when I was first exposed to it but then Corel claimed that if I still didn't like it after a month they would replace it with the DOS version and I could continue on. While I did find many differences I didn't find anything that was missing and eventually I accepted the inevitable and moved on with it. I now use WP 12 and have been very slack as I have not upgraded to any of the X versions of WP as currently I just don't see enough of a benefit.

Of course when Corel release a 64 Bit Version I'll have to eventually move up to remain using it with the preferred OS's that I'm currently using now.


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