How to make Yahoo Classic my default email?

By franl155 ·
I’m running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8. I’ve had a Yahoo email account for oh, ever since I got my first PC. Lately, there’s been an “upgrade” option: I tried it once, then went back to Classic layout.

Now, however, “they” have decided that I *must* use the new layout – even though I can’t.

I’m visually impaired, and have the screen resolution set to the lowest, for the largest display;’ even so, I need around 150% zoom.

With the “smart” new layout, I can’t see who emails are from, I only get two or three letters in the subject, which is very useful. I could reduce the zoom to get more, but what’s the point of that when it’s then too small for me to read? And the “smart” new banner takes up half the screen, so I have a window about three inches square to try to read emails in two- or three-word segments.

I have another link for Yahoo mail, and I tried the one that wasn’t in Internet Options. That opened to the Classic view, but once I’d read an email and tried to answer it, it flipped back to the useless one. Reloading the same link just cuts straight to the new layout. So I suppose I’d have to restart the PC every time I’ve read or answered an email to get the Classic layout back

I tried “contact Yahoo”, for all the good that did; just got into an endless loop of “help” which didn’t live up to its name in the slightest.

Then tried Googling “make Yahoo Classic the default” – I found some articles: I don’t know what version of IE they’re using, but I didn’t recognise any of it, and certainly can’t find a “no Java” option.

Apart from the considerable practical difficulties of trying to read and write emails through a keyhole, I resent being forced to change something which, so far as I was concerned, didn’t need changing at all. I mean, what difference can it make TO THEM what system I use to read my emails? So long as I can read them?? But THEY decided that I MUST “upgrade” whether I like it or not. Not!

And to cap it all, I’m currently involved in negotiating a house move. Now I can’t email the agents (trying to write emails is just as hard as trying to read them), I can’t read any emails they might send me, and if the move comes off, I’ll need to email people to change account details ??? they *would* have to force this “upgrade” at the worst possible moment.

I wish I could post pics, I’ve taken a screenshot of how useful the new layout is(n’t).

If I can’t get Classic back, I’ll have to find another email provider. What would people advise as being simple, clear, easy to use and easy to see?



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by franl155 In reply to If my workaround doesn't ...

Sigh, Opera’s NBG – when I downloaded it, the “install” box overflowed the screen with no scroll bars: I could fill in the bits onscreen, but there might have been stuff offscreen that I couldn’t access – I just hit OK and hoped for the best.

Got it installed, and tried it – no scroll bar here either, so it’s either the whole page too small to read, or part of the screen readable with no access to the rest – just like new Yahoo, in fact.

I found Opera Forums in the “tryout” page, but once I’d logged in, couldn’t find the damn thing at all. And, as seems to be usual with browser and email providers, there’s no “contact us” that leads to other than a postal address in another country.

And as I couldn’t find “how to start a topic” even in the limited forum page that I did find, no way to ask anyone how Opera could be made accessible.

And after all that, when I found Yahoo mail and loaded it, it loaded the new version.

I had the same problem with Firefox: overflowing screen and no scroll – both seem to work on the font settings on my PC, which have to be large font – I could put them down, but, like resolution, what’s the point of getting the whole page onscreen if I can’t then read it? And with font size change, won’t even be able to write documents in any text that I’d be able to read.

Sigh, all this because Yahoo mail had to “improve” something that was perfectly okay as it was!

(Lol if you want to see how I see things, put your screen resolution down to 600x800 and try it then!)

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Well doggone it!

Opera has been my primary, though not default, browser for some 16 years. Way back to when it as a commercial product, yes, I liked it so much I bought it, around version 3 for Windows 3.1.
Wish I knew what the problem was, but it probably is something to do with your screen resolution. If we wanted to get creative, we could try an old version, I have version 9.64 on this WinXP machine! There's a few things it doesn't handle well but for general browsing it is still ok. So, did you try DPlus? I should warn you, the layout of rendered pages is not like you would expect, as most Dillo based browsers can't handle new CSS3 pages well at all, but once you kind of get accustomed to most things being listed down the left side you can find your way around. It is supposed to be screen reader friendly as well (one of my "likes" about the old Lynx!, I'm not on Facebook, hehe). Yahoo, as well as most other web based email providers, seem to think everyone has the latest versions of operating systems and web browsers. One of my long-term email providers went crazy some 4 years ago or so, Excite, and it is barely tolerable to even clean out the spam now.
So, maybe you should sign up for an AOL Email address, then use DPlus and forward your saved emails to your new AOL address, if you can get DPlus to use Yahoo Classic? That may be a better longterm solution, as I'm sure Yahoo will eventually drop Classic altogether, since the link to continue using it is already at the bottom, and barely visible. I've got this suspicion that Yahoo went digging through those old cookies and found where you switched to the new mail...sneaky. I've got two Yahoo is web based only, the other is provided as part of my internet service...used to have 3, but that is another story altogether! Yahoo listed 2 different versions of the new mail, I haven't tried either, seems they push everyone to new mail, but underneath that is something called "Basic"...if forced to, I might try that and see what it looks like. The address provided by my ISP I can use Outlook Express, KMail, or other standalone email application to handle, but the free ones are web only.

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What help could I provide with Opera?

Most of the time the defaults for installation work OK, but with your resolution at 800x600, I'm sure the options were hard to find. I'm assuming you installed version 12.15, which some users find OK, I find a few troubles, mainly with tabs of pages not closing even when you click the close button or use hotkey CTRL+W, the ghost of the tab stays, so I use 11.64 most of the time. On a whim, I'm now using old version 9.64, opened Yahoo Mail, paged down to the tiny link "remind me later" and Classic mail is still there.
With Opera, there is a little slider bar at the lower right hand corner where you can set your "zoom" on the page. Also, if you prefer the old dropdown menu items like File, Edit, View etc, click on the red letter "O" on top right hand corner and choose to Show Menu.
Opera does have older versions archived, I think they go back to version 10.10 on the regular HTTP server, but on the FTP server it goes way back to version 3.52. We could get one of those older versions and try. BRB, let me see if I can find 9.64 at least on FTP...
Well, couldn't find 9.64, but I did find 10.10, which is a very good version, my default one on little netbook I use booted to Slax linux! If you want to try, here is the link...
Get the "classic" installer.
Older Opera has a bit easier to read interface, in my opinion. What I do to keep multiple versions of Opera is install them to a seperate directory for each "major" version...
Opera 9.64 is installed in C:\Program Files\Opera9
Opera 10.10 in C:\Program Files\Opera10
and so do this, when the installer presents "suggested target", click on the suggested directory and arrow to the end then just add the number to the end.

edit to add: IF we can get you back to Classic Mail, let's NOT go to the "My Yahoo" page!! I've found that logging in to My Yahoo triggers some sort of automatic "upgrade" on many Yahoo services...just remember to always look for that little link at the bottom of the landing page about the mail upgrade that says "Remind me later", and hopefully it won't switch back to the new mail!

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by franl155 In reply to What help could I provide ...

Hi Wiz dear. I haven't yet tried anything beyond Opera: thought I'd try one thing and see how that went first, also see if I could iron out any probs, rather than give up at the first hurdle. I'm working through the very helpful list of suggestions you gave - as a techno-dodo, I'm trying to take small steps and not rush even them.

My screen resolution is the main problem to a lot of things - some websites have columns that overlap, producing a jumble of unreadable text, or one colum disappears completely, swamped by the others - or else they side off screen with no way to get them back. And some bought softare and games throws a sulk and refuses to install. One site helpfully sugggested that I chanve the rez, like I'm only using this setting to annoy people??

I did try a more standard rez, but no go: back to nose-on-screen even on a 42" screen (that's how I got my back injury in the first place!)

All I actually need is an email service that I can see to use - my ISP one is even worse than current Yahoo. I could randomly open Yahoo emails and forward them, or copy and paste them to Word documents: been trying to find a way round that, as that'd be a tad boring.

I'm used to Yahoo, well, Yahoo as it was. But since they insist on *improving* things beyond my capacity to use, I'll have to look elsewhere, Maybe I can keep IE, at least for now, and just take the email hurdle before i try the browser one.

re My Yahoo - I have a separate link for that too, and that opens in the old style, wiht all my podcast downloads still there. Did try going to My Inbox from there, but it just flipped to new style. Ah well.

I'll try the next item on your list now!


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