How to open or configure port 25/exchange

By mmbc_voltron ·
I have opened port 25 on my linksys router: on the app and gamming page. But I cannot get through. I am testing with telnet. Does this mean that my smtp is not setup correctly on my exchange server? Where can i check?

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Outgoing or Incomping

by Teaching Information Systems In reply to yep

SMTP is for outgoing mail. You might need to open 110 (pop) and 143 (imap) for incoming.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to Outgoing or Incomping

it looks like exchange is receiving mail. it just isn't delivering to the outlook box.
If i view the mailbox store and click on mailboxes i see all the messages that are suppose to be in each of the users inbox. When i go to Outlook on a WS the inbox is empty. the user is setup to connect to the exchange server. there address is in their user profile. I send a message from an external domain to the internal and the total items went up one. So there is mail in the exchange, it doesn't know how to deliver it to the user. correct?

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by CG IT In reply to Outgoing or Incomping

POP3 isn't SMTP

IF his exchange server is setup as an SMTP mail server then it's not a POP3 server.

SMTP is both incoming and outgoing where Exchange is the mail server.

POP3 Exchange contacts the ISP POP3 server [or which ever mail service the mail goes to] and downloads the mail, then distributes the mail to users mail boxes.

if you do not get the standard reply from Exchange using the telnet test, then Exchange is configured wrong.

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what about

by mmbc_voltron In reply to POP3 IMAP

what about the mailbox store.
When i send a message from outside the network i get the message in the mailbox store folder for the correct user.
but the user is not getting the mail in there inbox. I looked at the users profile for email address and it is correct and then i double checked Outlook's settings and they are pointing to the right user.

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Is this Active Directory?

by CG IT In reply to what about

your going to have to provide more information than what you have.

If this is in a domain environment running active directory

or a stand alone exchange server with a stand alone DNS server.

Exchange works seamlessly with Active Directory but it your not running AD, then there is a lot more configuration required including a lot of configuration in DNS.

so we need more information.

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I cannot post to your last quote

by mmbc_voltron In reply to POP3 IMAP

I do have AD? What things should I look for in AD?

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