How to open the cd/dvd combo drive of a Dell Latitude D600?

By melmellcc ·
I just got this used computer yesterday after I bought last Friday. It has Windows XP professional in it with cd/dvd combo drive. When I tried to open the cd/dvd drive through clicking the button on the side this laptop, it has a yellow flashing light that blinks but doesn't open. I checked the cd/dvd drive properties in the My Computer programs and click eject or open the drive, but still doesn't work. I wander if there's another trick on how to open this drive. Any comments and advice, as soon as possible, will be appreciated.

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thank you

by melmellcc In reply to Well as NB's use Slim Dri ...

I just wanna thank you for the help and advice that you suggest. I appreciate it a lot. I already call the company who was selling this, and that they are going to send a new one. I just hope it will arrive safe here.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thank you
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thank you and I appreciate your advices

by melmellcc In reply to final options

I already called the company selling this used computer. They're going to send a new one, I just hope it arrive safe and sound.

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yes you're right

by melmellcc In reply to Sounds like something is ...

I also foung out when the drive was opened, there's a broken side near to the latch. that's probably why it doesn't eject. So sad to see it. I called the company selling it and they're going to send a new one. I just hope it will arrive safe.

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Great! I hope you get the replacement soon!

by seanferd In reply to yes you're right

Too bad they sold you the NB with a broken drive in the first place, though.

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