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How to properly resign

By done_with_IT ·
I am hoping someone here can give me a few suggestions on how to resign from my current job. I have read a few articles and looked at sample resignation letters and agree on keeping it short and simple.

I have worked with my current employer now for almost six years. I am the only Technician employed. This is a computer service company that services quite a few local businesses and individuals. I have also gotten to know my boss pretty well and have quite a bit of respect for him as a boss and as an individual.

I really don't want to just find another job and put in my two weeks because that just would not be enough time to hire a replacement and provide proper training. Especially in this area.

I have been wanting out for almost two years now. Two years ago there were three technicians working here. Ready to put in my two weeks notice when one of them gets fired. I couldn't quit then because we were swamped and it just wouldn't be fair. Almost a year ago after realizing that no one else would be hired I got my letter ready again. The other guy decides to just quit that day. I can not wait for someone to be hired because I seriously doubt that will happen.

I have no complaints about the company or the people I work for. I wish I did because then it would be much easier. I am done with the IT career and just want out.

I'm just not sure how to word the letter professionally so that it says I am willing to stay until a proper replacement is ready to take over and at the same time it says don't wait forever because I will be gone if you do.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Just resign.

by dngunraj In reply to How to properly resign

Trust me. They will quickly replace you. People will not take long to replace an employee. Don't worry about it. I guess IT is no longer the right thing for you. Perhaps writing, painting, acting, singing, etc.?

Lemme know,
Dean G.

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Thanks for the responses

by done_with_IT In reply to How to properly resign

I appreciate all of the answers that were given. I do believe I will be having a talk with my boss before any official letter is given. I believe that to also be the best thing.

So what?s next? Well most of you would disagree but I will be going into a factory position. Punch in and punch out, at the end of the week here is your paycheck. I did factory work for a few years before entering IT so I am aware of what it is like. Where I live there just isn't that much going for IT, however factory jobs are everywhere and they pay well.

I'm a little tired of how some of my friends from high school barely graduated and they make almost twice what I do, and have benefits. So much for my degree (only 2 year anyway) and certs (none special). I could continue my education and get some better certs but still no one is hiring or if they are you won't make that much.

Being a tech has been interesting and fun at times, but now I hate it. Once you hate the job and refuse to learn anything new I don't believe you can be a very good tech anyways. I have started to find myself not knowing certain things and also not caring to know them.

I figure it's in the best interest of the company and mine if I just move on.

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More to IT than techies

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks for the responses

I have always been a fan of finding something you enjoy - if you do that, the money will follow.

But if the idea of IT still intrigues you, but the role of a techie doesn't, there are a wide range of jobs out there. Moving from a tech to another kind of job is probably easier than moving to another sector all together.


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