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How to protect my job during maternity leave

By jiansec ·
I am pregnant and will take half year leave after August.

I don't think the company will fire me for that. The problem is, I am currently the tech leads of two projects. One requires some specialties and I am lucky I am the only one in the team who has the skills. My boss recently became very insecure being laid off since the economic downturn. Project manager is always the first one to go and he seems upset that I am the only one and he tried to grab what I am doing. I came to the team much earlier than he did but he stayed in the company much longer than me. One of my colleagues is also very envying what I am doing and he would like to get a piece of cake as well. These two teamed up to get an expensive training which I think it only helps for beginners. The problem is
since I am an ESL and not very good at any politics, I am afraid they will find a way to replace me during my leave or I cannot take a lead anymore when I come back.

How do I protect my position during the leave?

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You expect to remain

by IC-IT In reply to How to protect my job dur ...

a tech lead for the same projects for the 6 months you are gone?
Or are you wondering if you will be given lead positions when you come back?

I would think that when you return to work that your attitude and bearing should result in opportunities. Especially if you can get some heavy reading in technological areas that your department is heading for.

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I am in the lead position now

by jiansec In reply to You expect to remain

I am actually in the lead positions for two projects now. These two projects will never end. I joined these two projects from the scratch. I love what I am doing and very enthusiastic about them. But sometimes, I feel my enthusiasm somewhat threats my boss since I know more than him in these two areas and he tried to downplay what I am doing, for example, not invite me to some design and implementation discussions with other teams. I am pretty frustrated about it.

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"I am an ESL and not very good at any politics"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How to protect my job dur ...

That's okay, I'm a native English speaker and not very good at politics either. :-) Would you be good at politics in your native language? Either way, your written English is better than many native speakers.

I don't know what the labor laws are in Canada or QB. Have you discussed your situation with Human Resources?

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Thanks :).

by jiansec In reply to "I am an ESL and not very ...

I don't think they can let me go. What I worry is they may have somebody replace my place even the one is not as good as me in technical wise. I am fine if they hire some cotnractors doing my job on my leave. But I am afraid that I cannot come back where I am now since I am really happy in what I am doing. I may have to reduce my maternity leave to 3 or 4 months rather than 6 months......

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