How to replace RAID 0

By B9Girl ·
I have a brand spanking new computer using RAID 0 with 2 500GB wd disks, making an array of 1TB (well, really 900somethingGB). OK, maybe not the smartest to use RAID 0, especially because one of my brand new disks is failing already! Question is how do I replace a disk from a RAID 0 setup? I'm on Vista 64 bit with ASUS P5W DH Deluxe mobo, using the onboard Intel ICH7R RAID controller. Using up about 600GB.

I have available a 3ware 9000 series RAID card (4 SATA ports), with 2 additional 500 GB disks, but they aren't blank . It is still in my old system as a RAID 1 (same 600gb data including 2 more 75GB drives not in an array). I didn't have the extra backup space at the time to wipe these out, and it just seemed easier to start fresh. I have a 500GB and a 320GB external drive to shuffle data around. My intention is to create a RAID 0+1 (or 1+0?).

Anybody have any suggestions about how to dig myself out of this mess? Can you unstripe a RAID 0 disk without losing everything?

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by PSer In reply to How to replace RAID 0

The real question is ... why would you want to stripe (RAID 0) 500 gig drives? Striping is a little outdated sense disk space is not the issue it used to be.

I like to set up a RAID 1 for the OS partition and RAID 5 for Data. Easy to repair a broken mirrored set, stripped ... not so much. Maybe someone else can shed some light but like I said ...

Sorry ...

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starting over

by B9Girl In reply to SOL

Yeah, RAID 0 wasn't so smart. It was late and I somehow had it in my mind I could add the other two disks later on in some sort of 0+1 config. As far as why RAID 0, I thought that might speed up performance. I was kinda spoiled by my 10K rpm drives and thought these 7200 drives would do better chained together. But that was wrong. It looks like my only alternative now is to copy the data elsewhere and start over. From scratch. Again!

Lesson learned. No more RAID 0 for me ever again... I may try your 1/5 setup for next time, or else I'll just stick with RAID 1.

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Yep it sux!!!

by PSer In reply to starting over

FYI: The RAID 1 for the OS and 5 for data/apps. is great! I have all 50 of my Citrix App. servers set up this way. Reason? Which is more likely to fail first and more often? The (M$)OS. So, if you set up a schedule to occasionally break that mirror yourself and "rebuild" a spare drive you will always have a good up to date drive from that mirrored set to fall back on even if you loose BOTH drives in the set. R-E-D-U-N-D-A-N-C-Y!!! I actually rotate 4 drives for each mirrored set ... call me paranoid if you will but I've never had a server out of production for more than the 30 or so minutes it takes to rebuild a RAID 1. All Apps get installed on the RAID 5 so, no worries there. It just makes sense.

Good luck and have fun with your build!

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by CG IT In reply to starting over

SATA is ok it's the alternative to SCSI but to really get security plus performance, RAID 5 [either SCSI or SATA] and you want hot swap capabilities. A drive fails, you can just replace the drive and rebuild. you don't lose data and you don't have to recreate anything.

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