How to respond to outside user's "suggestions"?

By jfuller05 ·
I'll explain. Last week at work, I was working on a problem that a user had (DCOM Server Process launcher service, must restart), I suspected a Trojan and maybe some other infections. Anyway, the user trusted me, but some other guys came in that were not "techies" by any means. They asked the user what was wrong with the computer and I told them it was probably a virus causing the computer to restart.
Well, the guy that came into the user's office said, "well, it's probably the power supply if it's restarting or a hard drive problem." I told him that it's probably not the power supply because of the error message shown on the desktop. He insisted that when a computer shuts down or restarts it is rooted in a power supply or hdd problem. After they left, I assured the user that it was not either of those problems and in a little bit I fixed the problem. My question is, what do you say, or how do you respond effictively to suggestions from people that really don't know what they are talking about?

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But your just

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Bore them...

Evil Shelly.

Yes I know how much you enjoyed doing it to.

Col 0:-)

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Me..little ole me???

by Shellbot In reply to But your just

< adjusts halo and gives it a polish.. >

But..yes..I do enjoy doing it..
My 15 minute DETAILED explanation of a transaction log and why it grows last week was a proud moment for me..I managed to have 2 techs glaze over thier eyes.. but for once, another actually responded and asked questions.. and then said the 3 words this girl LOVES to hear..
"Shelley is right"

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Humor them to the best of your ability

by jimmy-jam In reply to How to respond to outside ...

then when they are gone take care of the issue. Anymore everyone thinks the know what is what with computers. Thing is it doesn't really do you any good to argue with them in front of anyone because it will just cause them to further defend their point. The only way to win an argument is to never start it in the first place actions speak louder than words...


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