How to retrieve files from a drive needed to be re-formatted?

By Healer ·
I have a portable drive that has some files in it. Somehow all of a sudden the files in there are not visible or retrievable. Connecting it to a computer USB port, I can only see a message saying the drive needs to be formatted.

If I follow the prompt to format it, I can imagine I would lose all the files in there. Is there any way I can go around it? I wonder!

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by Healer In reply to Have you tried Linux?

I am not too sure how this relates to my problem, to recover lost data.

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by Thmiuatga In reply to Have you tried Linux?

Linux is a solution in that it may allow you to access and read the data on the drive. Unlike Windows and Apple/Mac, Linux can access and read ALL formats. The suggestion I believe is to try a distribution of Linux on a 'live' CD. this means that the operating system is on a CD or a DVD and will boot and run completely from that. I use linux and have used it to access unreadable drives that I couldn't access with Windows.
Knoppix, Ubuntu, and Puppy are three of the distros I have attempted (and with success) to access to read and access a drive that could not be accessed with Windows. The Linux distributions are FREE (in case you were unaware) and are downloadable in ISO files to be burned to CD/DVD. I hope this helps you.

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usb drive helps

by techno0001 In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

it will really help when dealing with reformating

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by Healer In reply to usb drive helps

I don't follow this.

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by Healer In reply to usb drive helps

Thanks, I shall give it a go. I have to get the drive back and try. Hopefully it hasn't been dumped or re-formatted.

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using alternative cable/converter

by rj78 In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

hey you can use another usb cable to connect otherwise you can use hdd to usb converter (you have to release the hdd inside to see which type of hdd connector SATA or IDE).

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Currently there are 2 types of Data Recovery Software

by OH Smeg In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

The First recovers data from the drive and the second rebuilds Partition Tables etc.

Different Data Recovery Software do different jobs in a different way that's basically the main difference. Some do a better job than others but basically speaking the Free ones are Data Recovery Software and read a Drive and recover Data from the drive. The more expensive types Generally Speaking Rebuild Partition Tables and the like and don't actually recover Data from the Drive and write it elsewhere they rebuild the drive and are generally speaking faster doing their thing than the Straight Recovery Type Apps.

However saying that you could try Recuva Free from Piriform

I don't use it personally bit others here have said that they find it very good.

As to the new Design of the Site I hate it as it's way too easy to miss things now.


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Verbatim 62872 320GB (Samsung)

by Healer In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

Above is the drive from which I try to recover the files. I've got it back and tried again.
Today when I first plugged into my Windows 7 system. It was not even detected. Likewise when I tried with the Recuva Free I've just downloaded and installed.

So I switched over to Ubuntu which was installed on the same laptop. The disk utility detected it. It didn't seem to give me an option to mount it. I plugged in another working 4GB USB drive so that I could compare the information. I didn't remember where I could access the Windows partition or the peripheral drive from the Linux file manager though.

Now I switched back to Windows 7. The portable drive was then detected but reported as healthy and raw. I tried the Recuva Free again and it said not formatted.

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by seanferd In reply to Verbatim 62872 320GB (Sam ...

Use something more sensible for this approach than Ubuntu. A Knoppix live CD or something similar would be better. Anything that automatically displays all detected drives on the desktop would be a huge step in the right direction, just for ease of use.

I've used various and several different live environments to access NTFS drives, and Knoppix almost always works when others don't, and was just easier to work with.

Since you've already started file recovery - you are saving recovered data to a different drive? What did the vendor's hardware testing utility tell you? What were the results of the original scan from Easus or whatever testing you did? Was there just a bit of partition information corrupted, or was data lost, or Windows file/directory corruption...

See, if you don't need to, you don't want to be taking hours of time scanning the raw disk data for probable files. If you can just fix an obvious partition error, you have the whole drive back pretty quickly. So you may want to scan with the Easus Partition software - if it has error-scanning abilities, I don't know.

Since Windows decided the drive needed to be formatted, this is the direction i would lean towards. Unless there was a major physical failure in the drive, which is what the vendor's testing utility would tell you about.

Note: Sometimes you may yet need to run the Windows
chkdsk /f
after fixing a partition or marking damaged data blocks as bad.

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by Healer In reply to Verbatim 62872 320GB (Sam ...

Thanks Seanfred for your recommendation. I am downloading the Knoppix live DVD V6.71 and shall try it. In the meantime, could you please refresh my memory where the windows drive and peripheral drive will show up under the Linux system. I can only see the Linux file system.

The Easus software doesn't report the condition of the drive. However I did see quite a few lost/corrupted files. I have since uninstalled the software because it only allows free 1GB recovered.

I have not tried any drive test utility yet. As I am not sure which to use yet. Will the drive test uitlity erase the file or make it worse? I can't use the chkdsk command because the Windows system doesn't detect it at all.

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