How to retrieve files from a drive needed to be re-formatted?

By Healer ·
I have a portable drive that has some files in it. Somehow all of a sudden the files in there are not visible or retrievable. Connecting it to a computer USB port, I can only see a message saying the drive needs to be formatted.

If I follow the prompt to format it, I can imagine I would lose all the files in there. Is there any way I can go around it? I wonder!

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Recover data from hard drive

by wpmeade In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

Download puppy linux-boot to the cd-connect usb drive and mount the drive--mount local hard drive or additional usb drive- copy and paste

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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to Recover data from hard dr ...

If the partition is not readable, I don't know if it would help using a linux system.

I have just tried ubuntu and knoppix. Both can see the disk with disk utility. Neither can see it in the file manager.

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Using the Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

Will not hurt any Data on the drive and will in no way adversely impact on the drive if it's OK.

However if it's on it's way to Silicon Heaven all bets are off as just using it is a risk.

As for the Maker the Drive in this case is a Samsung so use that Utility.


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recover data

by dia24 In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

see i have similar kind of problem last month but in your case i think you require a program that can solely recover drives on its installation. logical partition drives can be restored on Windows different versions of Os with the help of recovery software. when i talked to senior colleague , they suggested to download a []Windows file recovery tool and then i google to find one . i m giving you the link you just visit them.

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by obetskie In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

Try ACTIVE@FILE RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL and surely it will work provided that you didn't add or delete files on it. I tried a lot of times in the past and your files will be recovered 95 percent. It will take time depending on the size of your external drive or USB most especially so if you are going to recover video files.

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You should recover your data first.

by dajiahaode In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

1. Dont worry! It is not a big deal. Generally speaking, you should format your drive to make it work well again, but for the safe of your files, youd better apply a recovery program to restore them all firstly, such as iCare Data Recovery Free, Recuva, Vimx partition Recovery and Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free.
If you wanna know the further information about the recovery program, or deirectely download the freeware, you could come to

2. I Have to emphasize one thing that you should restore your data at first and then format the drive, for the format may damage the original data again, which would be bad for your data recovery.

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If you want to know the further information

by dajiahaode In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

If you want to know the further information, you could come to this link:
Tested data recovery freeware

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Many Suggestions - No Solutions

by jmcorn01 In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

Healer - Although all these answers may work in some situations, the one thing I have noticed is that all of these suggestions are "potential solutions" but no one has asked for more information so they could actually help diagnose the problem. Which solution is best depends on what you are trying to fix. Using a hammer when you need a screwdriver is not very productive. Likewise, trying to use any piece of software to fix a broken cable connector is futile.

1st things first -
Ignore all those people who have told you that formatting a drive will not hurt your data. Clearly they do not understand what the FORMAT command actually does. I assume you have formatted drives before & probably remember seeing the Warning dialog box that pops up saying that ALL data on the drive will be permanently erased if you continue. We are talking here about a "high-level" format performed by the existing operating system. The purpose of a high-level format is to set up the file structure that will be used (boot record, partition tables, sector markers, cluster sizes, mark bad sectors, etc) AND it is supposed to write a 0x255H to each location on the drive that will contain data.

#2 - Many drive tests ARE destructive. IF a drive test is NON-destructive, it is only testing to see if it can access and read each location. ALL thorough drive tests MUST write to the drive to test if the drive can be written. Every one I have ever seen warns you that the test IS destructive and any data WILL be lost. Be VERY careful which tests you run.

Chkdsk is a very good disk utility. However, in almost every version of Windows Microsoft has changed the available parameters. I have seen reference to chkdsk /f which is not one of the available switches for Windows 7. Go to a cmd prompt and type "chkdsk /?" (without quotes) to see which switches are available in your version of Windows.

Now, Divide & Conquer.
As always, the place to start is to identify & isolate the source of the problem. Is the drive the problem or is it the USB case and/or cable?

To find out, remove the drive from the USB case and see if the problem still exists when the bare drive is connected directly to the computer's disk controller. Make sure you verify that the disk controller and any cables are in a known good state by connecting a known good drive. Also verify that the connector pins on the problem drive "look" OK (not missing or bent, etc). Once you have that answer, then you will know how to proceed.

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Flash Card Recovery

by jessymess In reply to How to retrieve files fro ...

In order to recover data from flash card, it is very important that user use an powerful recovery tool before it gets over-written by any new data. The automatic tool will easily retrieve all kinds of data very easily.

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