How to Scan & save as PDF

By an_it_guy ·

I would like to scan files directly into a pdf format.
I have tried some tools that can convert jpg into pdf and save, but is there a direct way to Scan and save as pdf file? A free tool?

I use different HP scanners & officeJets, but dont have a simple tool to save as pdf.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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by collignond In reply to How to Scan & save as PDF

I am using a tool that actualy apears as a printer in windows, and can b used by any program that has printing capability.

Most scanners have software that allow for scanning to be printed directly. all you need to do then is select the cute pdf printer as the printer the scanner will send the image to.

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Some answers

by TechExec2 In reply to How to Scan & save as PDF

If you're running Windows, if you can scan an image into your Windows system, you can then create a PDF by "printing" it into a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat does this (what I use, not a free tool). There are free tools that do this (3).

If you're running Mac OS X, the ability to "print" to a PDF file (aka Acrobat file) is included in the OS itself.

If you're running Linux, there are several free PDF creation programs available (3).


(1) Adobe Acrobat

(2) Portable Document Format

(3) List of PDF Software

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Need one step solution pls..

by an_it_guy In reply to Some answers

Thanks to both of your for your replies.

I am on WinXP, with HP scanners.

I am using a utility for now which 'prints' to pdf from any programs, its called : PrimoPdf; and its working fine.

But what I was trying to find out is, how to 'scan' and save directly as pdf, instead of printing into a utility like CutePDF or PrimoPdf.

The new officejets/scanners from HP do come with a 'save as pdf' option i guess, but i dint find any update for my HP 4400 scanner or HP officejet 7140xi.

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Perhaps, Adobe Acrobat would be your solution...

by Eddie N In reply to Need one step solution pl ...

...not just the free Reader, but the full Acrobat package (I think it has a component called Distiller which allows a one-step process to get a PDF from a scan). Go to Adobe's site and see what you can find there.

How is Lagos, by the way? I was stationed there in the late 80s, and had a pretty nice time, except when we were stuck on the 3rd Mainland Bridge during a go-slow :)

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Freeware would be more useful!

by an_it_guy In reply to Perhaps, Adobe Acrobat wo ...

Thanks for your suggestion Eddie, am trying to get a trial version of it from their site now; but I am still looking for something that can do it free

Lagos,is still good. And the 'go-slows' have grown over years as well .. now its everywhere around the city.
But then every city has its own probs.. no complains:)

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Dont they have their own?

by CG IT In reply to How to Scan & save as PDF

Canon scanners come with canoscan which will scan a document and save to whatever format you want Tiff, Giff, PDF, Jpeg, [well almost whatever format].

Photoshop can do it.

doesn't HP have their own suite that does this?

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