how to see error message?

By paladin2 ·
Occasionally I get these error messages that show for less than a second right after I click the 'turn off' box on my XP. It's maddening as they come and go with no hint in the behavior on the machine other than sometimes it takes two and sometimes even three minutes to fully boot. My OS is on a fast Samsung SLC SSD and a minute should be the absolute max and sometimes I can boot and get photoshop open in that time. But even cloned to a 7200rpm regular disk the damn error message is gone before the human eye can get it. How do I review error messages and are they even viewable? It's driving me nuts (that's a bit of an overstatement actually) but it's a problem I just can't figure out. I've even sat with my Fuji s100fs set at 7 frames a second but by the time my hand gets to the camera the error message is already gone.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to no I didn't, but it won't ...

Rome wasn't built in one day and we all have to start somewhere. Good luck with your future endevours.


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Regarding long boot time

by Nimmo In reply to how to see error message?

In regards to your PC taking a long time to boot up you may want to do some general housekeeping.

First run a check disk with a /f then reboot, if you've never done this then click start>run>type 'cmd'>type 'chkdsk /f'.

You will receive a message stating that it can't run in repair mode because the drive is in use, then ask if you want to run it next reboot, press 'y' and reboot.

On reboot you'll see a check disk utility screen so just let it do its thing, once it's done it will reboot.

Once you've logged back into Windows you should also defrag your drive, I suggests not using the Windows defrag utility but to download something like power defrag and run it in triple pass mode.

(Triple pass mode will take some time especially if your drive is heavily fragmented)

Another thing to note is when you install and run power defrag for the first time you will get a message that contig is missing and you will be asked if you'd like to download it so say yes. (it kinda looks like an error message)

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I'm not that big an idiot

by paladin2 In reply to Regarding long boot time

My problem has nothing to do with boot time. With my Samsung SLC SSD from pushing the power button until it's ready to work is 44 seconds last I checked. I'm a maintenance freak and use Perfect Disk for defrag and run chkdsk using the install disk regularly. I probably have the cleanest laptop in Costa Rica and all that gets me is a pile of other peoples laptops asking that I 'fix' their slow computers. Maybe your post was to the wrong item? I searched the event viewer and that problem has to do with something using the registry the same time my profile is shutting it down. Thanks to the poster that steered me to the event viewer. The times it takes more than the 40 some seconds to boot I suspect another message I get from time to time about flushing some type of file that remembers and keeps programs involved with booting up, so the computer has to locate them each time I do it. Sometimes it happens but most times not. I've tried unchecking boxes in CCleaner, so far to mixed results, can't find anything in Opera that might be dumping that type of file but I'm not sure I know where to look for such settings in Opera. IE only gets used once a month to check for updates so that's probably not where these files are getting dumped from. I'm still working (when I have the time) to find exactly what's getting dumped and where and what program is doing it. I used to empty all my Temp files each time I shut down but stopping that didn't eliminate that particular problem.

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