how to setup a voip router behind a router which connect to a pc

By kk52736 ·
I had a D-Link wireless router DI 524 connect to the internet and pc. and I need to put my Linksys VOIP router SPA 2102 separately behind the D-Link router. I had tried to change the LAN IP to in SPA2102, so it is not the same with my di524. and also change the spa2102 in bridge mode. i had tried most setting still no luck to get the spa2102 working with my phone. could someone tell me how can i config the setting either in di524 or spa2102 to work together?

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by CG IT In reply to how to setup a voip route ...

if your wireless router is the perimeter router, then the VoIP router WAN connection must be on the wireless routers LAN connection. Best to make it a static address.

the VoIP router LAN should be on a different subnet than the perimeter router subnet. This is so the routers don't send outbound traffic to the local subnet or inbound traffic to the local subnet.

You must also forward the VoIP traffic from your perimeter router to your VoIP WAN address [which is why you make the VoIP WAN NIC address on the perimeter LAN a static one]. Your VoIP router must then forward VoIP traffic to your local host that handles the telephone service.

note: if the VoIP host requires a range of ports to use make sure you specify the entire range required.

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by kk52736 In reply to networking...

when you say ip on Lan is it or which one should i change? do i connect lan port 4 from my main router to ethernet or internet port on my voip router? my voip router will not connect to any computer at all. do i need to disable the DHCP in voip router. could you please detail explain what i need to do? which port do i need to forward in my main router to voip router?
so confuse....

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basic routing

by CG IT In reply to how?

if your perimeter route that connects to the internet LAN address is with a subnet mask of then the subnet for all clients would be - 254 subnet mask default gateway is the router's IP address [] and DNS is your ISPs DNS servers addresses.

the VoIP router [if it's really a router] WAN port is given an address on the subnet [an address between -254 , the is the router address] default gateway [the perimeter router address] DNS is ISPs DNS server

The VoIP router's LAN is given a subnet address space other than, maybe or subnet mask default gateway is the VoIP router address [which ever address you decided to use]. DNS is again your ISPs DNS servers.

ports you'll have to determine from you VoIP router documentation.

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change lan ip on voip router?

by kk52736 In reply to basic routing

so should i change the lan ip on my voip router to something other than my main router use to what about the, do i need to change that in my voip router too?
and should i connect the main router lan port 4 to voip router into ethernet or internet port?

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by CG IT In reply to change lan ip on voip rou ...

ok here's a primer on routers. routers breakup one BIG network into smaller more manageable networks. Example: if you have broadband connection at home when you hook up your computer directly to the broadband connection, your computer is actually a part of your ISPs network. If you hookup your broadband connection to a router, what you've done is created your own small network that is part of your ISPs larger network.

Same principle at your place. if you put in another router which connects to your existing router you've got 2 networks. 1st one is everything behind your first router that connects to your broadband connection, 2nd one is everything behind your second router.

routers do what the name implies. route traffic. If traffic isn't destined for the local network [clients behind it] it sends those packets to the default gateway [WAN port]. if no default gateway is defined, the router drops the packet [discards it].

so from that information how would you setup your network there with 2 routers one of which is your VoIP router?

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router setup

by kk52736 In reply to geez

here is my setup
main router DI 524
/ \
my pc voip router SPA 2102

my pc work well with the DI524. but i am having trouble to setup the spa 2102. from the DI524 port 1 connect to my pc. and DI524 port 4 to my voip router. here is the confuse. should i connect into ethernet port or internet port into my voip router....

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Where to connect the DI524 to the spa2102

by AbracadabraT In reply to router setup

Cable the spa2102 VOIP routers Internet (WAN) port to one of the free ports on your DI524 access router. Then follow the previous poster's recommendations for configuration.

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