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How to spend first month?

By bonjovin ·
I am about to start my new job as IT manager in logistics company, with 2 members of my team.
What would be the best way to spend first month (or three?) on new job?

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Good idea

by liquidxit2 In reply to Touch nothing

I was in your situation a few months ago (except I was the only IT proffesional). I would agree, if they already have a situation the worst thing you can do as the "new guy" is come in and tear it all up. Learn from them and gain trust. Work with them to "improve" how things work, and from thioer slowly gain control.

I on the other hand was thrown into a a mangerial position on a domain setup by a complete moron. So I had to dig deep and get my hands dirty the first day. But at my last job thats how I gained trust of the end users and IT staff.

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Advice Needed

by anoop9778_mc2002 In reply to Good idea

I am working as a desktop/IT-Support engineer in an MNC.But I am not happy with the offer given by the company.The company made me as a billable resource to the client and giving me 1/4 th of the amount.IS this a good approach???
Please sent your comments

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Concentrate on the clients needs

by staterh In reply to Advice Needed

Dont get upset. 1st thing list down all the benefits & exposure you are getting while working on client side. If the experience is good & work environment facilitates your growth then give your complete support to all their requirements. your hard work will definitely be appreciated by the client & they will pass this to your parent company. During that time you can communicate to them reg the pay & remunerations.

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like Tony said

by Jaqui In reply to How to spend first month?

do nothing but learn the entire system.
how it works, where it doesn't.
document it.
after you have every bit of what's happening detailed, and seen how the people in the office work with it, then plan to fix any problem areas.
researching the system, 1-3 months
planning alterations, 2-4 months
implementing alterations 3-6 months.

rushing in and changing anything other than admin passwords and you name on your office / desk is not something to consider doing.

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Watch people interaction

by mross011 In reply to like Tony said

As an IT Manager that has been there a few times already, don't only concentrate on IT issues. You have a small group so this is not as important, but for those of you coming into a larger group or have a larger group, watch the people dynamics.

I make sure that I know who works well together and can get things done. Larger groups are difficult enough to people manage, save yourself some headaches by putting people together who won't create more problems for you.

Excellent advice on "don't do anything" the first month. Make sure people realize you are interested in the system, but don't overload them with questions. For some reason IT worker bees get the impression that you know nothing if you ask to many questions.

Move slowly on changes, get buy in from the team the best you can. Include them in the change process, get their input. You are still the final say, but if you get the natural leader behind you things will be much easier (identifing this person is part of the watching the people interaction process). Explain your decision - COMMUNICATE, don't just make decisions and leave everyone in the dark. You'll find this is harder to do than it sounds, because sharing to much can get you in trouble with upper management, to little and your team will think you are autocratic.

Obviously I have a lot to say on this, considered writing a book just for this situation. I've seen to many people fail at the beginning, there is a completely different rules that apply later, once you are established. Management gives you a honeymoon period and then things change.

Contact me if you would like more input, I've been considered a very good manager by my teams, but I still make mistakes (LEARN FROM THEM).

I don't necessarily agree with getting up someone's nose - remember these people talk and a cancer can spread quickly and its difficult to recover from.

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A year correcting the first impression

by LCM Man In reply to Watch people interaction

As a new Manager in my IT epartment (and the company), I took the initial direction from my new Manager and jumped right into making the changes we had discuss post interview and pre-start date (about a week). Now, the interesting thing here is, the changes that I implemented are what the IT staff had been requesting for at least a year prior to my arrival (the reason the old IT Manager is no longer here, procrastination).

However, I failed at taking the time to first, get to know my staff on a more professional level, second, understand the dynamics of the three different teams, and third, get the proper buy-in from the staff for the changes I was tasked with completing. I was the bull in the china shop.

It took me nearly a year to repair all that damage I had caused and to ease the friction between me and my employees.

mross011 is right on the money. Listen, learn and get involved. Get input from your staff. Make them feel just how important they are and they will give you their best.

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How can i contact you?

by Naser In reply to Watch people interaction

Hi mross011,

It's really valuable advice, how can i contact you, can you post us your email?

I don't know if this is possible here, and it's not against the policy

Please let me know.

Best regards,


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Contact Info

by mross011 In reply to How can i contact you?

I hope this does not break policies. I've been where you are and I would risk breaking a policy to help one person not make the mistakes I have made. On the other hand, I believe I have made good decisions too.

BTW, get in good with your boss and maybe even his. Find out how the reporting structure works, should you only go to your boss or if going to his boss would be ok or step on your bosses toes.

There are do many dynamics to management and its really hard to make the transission to Management from a technical background. Most techies don't suceed well doing this.

Don't forget one thing, eventually you have to do the reviews with those people you manage.

One mistake I did make in one of my first management stints was trying to be best friends with my employees. When I finally asked them to do something they would just laugh. Its a fine line. Its good to be friends and show you care about them and their families.

Oh I could go on and on. But I'll stop for now.

Contact me if you wish and good luck.


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I hear you on that..

by Jaqui In reply to Watch people interaction

I've been in the situation of becomeing part of an existing team, as the leader. It isn't easy to integrate yourself without making mistakes, or stepping on people's toes.

My benefit in this area is that I use a flat management style. where someone excels at the duties, I let them have the responsibility of running the show for that area.

All team members get the credit when they do well,
all team members get the blame when they screw up.
I take the responsibility for the screwups.
[ with my boss / upper management ]

I've found that once the team learns you'll not steal credit, and you'll share the blame instead of letting them take the fall, they tend to bend over backwards to do things right, and work with you.

This also has the benefit of teaching the entire team the skills needed for management of a team. Which most realise is a boost for thier career in the long term.

I know a lot of people who think that the flat management style reduces thier authority, but I have found that it doesn't, it increases the flexibility of the entire team, reducing response times and increasing effectiveness.

I also partner people with someone they will learn from, so they work together quite often, then rotate the partners until the entire team has been pushed into learning as much as they can about each aspect from someone who is great at that aspect, as well, they learn who to turn to in the team when they need help with any problem to get the best resolution of it.

I am the Policy Maker currently for my it work, as a small business / sub-contractor, so while I don't have a team I work with all the time, I do constantly have to work with Teams I don't know very well. I have learned how to get them to work with me and give me thyier in depth knowledge to benefit the peroject, rather than have them fighting having an "outsider" that was called in.

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by jdmercha In reply to How to spend first month?

Get familiar with all the company policies nad procedures.

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