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How to spend first month?

By bonjovin ·
I am about to start my new job as IT manager in logistics company, with 2 members of my team.
What would be the best way to spend first month (or three?) on new job?

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1st month, not too easy, not too rude

by smrizwan In reply to 1st month:

Get familiar with business
- Business Objective
- Business Process
- Revenue generation
- Expenses

Get the expectation right
- Senior Management
- Customers/Clients

Win People
- Meet subordinates and colleagues
- Meet key partners
- Make people feel secure

Risk Identification
- Determine risks & impacts
- Identify possible mitigation

Determine quickwins
- Quantify risks and benefits
- Determine cost of implementation
- Report presentation

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What NOT to do

by andrewv In reply to How to spend first month?

Since our new CIO arrived there has been chaos. Making promises and not keeping them, failing to commit to anything, assuming everyone is very stupid, over sensitive to what people have to say about the IT department, not sticking up for staff.

My advice: go slowly, get to know the people and build relationships. There is plenty of time for technical bits later. Keep your word, and if you don't know something, say so.

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by RicardoMenendez In reply to What NOT to do

I agree with the last post. Not knowing and saying so in time is sometimes the wisest thing to say. Bad starts are hard to fix.

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From One who has been there.....

by She Geek In reply to How to spend first month?

I came on board 18 months ago.... and there wasn't time to "ease" into it. The network was a mess... the workstations all had public static Ip's, no firewall, no anti virus, everyone was an admin of the network. The average down time was 25%. Not to mention No IT staff.

With that said... if I had it to do over. I would start with understanding what you've got, where it is and how it works. A full systems audit, hands on sitting at the desktop talking to each user would be ideal. Get to know them and let them get to know you.

Spend time with you're staff.... if they've been there a while let them steer.... see how they handle the day to day.

Most of all.... ask questions. Here and at work. Let someone else's experience save you the pain of making mistakes.

Best of luck!

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Need to Know more than your people

by iam4it4256 In reply to How to spend first month?

When entering management, you better know who are the stakeholders and champions of your projects. You can get to know your people in a couple of days. It takes longer to know who the players are and understand the behavior of the organization. To succeed, you need to know where you stand withing the organization. You can be the best IT manager on the planet, but if the organization feels threatened in any way; intellectually, loss of power, change and you are the cause of it, the question will be "Where are you working tomorrow..."

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Helpful article

by Toni Bowers In reply to How to spend first month?

Here's a TechRepublic article written by a seasoned IT Manager that gives some good tips on what to do in those first 30 days:

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What about when youve worked the Position?

by cedrics In reply to Helpful article

Im waiting on an internal inteview for a management position for our hotline. Basically retailers call us when they have problems with our lottery terminals to cancel tickets or get basic help ( mainly a reboot or a PW reminder) or to report hardware issues that we then dispatch.

I moved in to system operations 7.5 months ago and have been working on the 'behind the scenes' stuff-overnight backups of the system, office PC maintenance, financial report tracking, and other stuff. I worked 6 on hotline when I started, got a .50 cent raise and moved into Ops when it bacame available, and when our company got a contract in another state the current hotline manager left for that one.

I know the other three people internally applying, the overall manager for customer service knows all of us-he interviewed all of us and we worked with he and the former lower manager on a daily basis. Office is about 50 people. I worked with all of the applicants and so know a lot about them and vice versa-the position has only been posted internally.

Is it different when you : know all the people you are interviewing against, they know you, you know their job and the one related to theirs ( behind the scenes Ops) and are friends/friendly with all others? I dont' think it will be easy to interview in any case, but I know I have more small team management experience from another job and military service. How do all of you handle being placed in a position (potentially) when you know the good and bad alreay of the people beneath you due to personal experience? It would be a team of 6 overall.


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in many ways

by Jaqui In reply to What about when youve wor ...

this is easier for a new manager.

1) you know the company and staff
2) you know the network and systems, where problems [ potential or actual ] are.
3) your Team knows you and will already have some respect for you.
4) the team will be happier at an internal promotion than an external hire, it bodes weill for thier career opportunities

in this situation you can start drawing up the plans for changes needed to resolve issues right away, with minimal resistance to them from both Management and the team.

I would still wait for a month before implementing and changes, and do a review of the entire system during that month, as well as work on building the rapport with the team.

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Some other ideas...

by kj7gs In reply to How to spend first month?

If you haven't done so already, you need to know the hierarchy, the policy, and the job descriptions of the people under you and the one(s) immediately over you -- as well as your own of course. Corporate vision, mission, goals, objectives, budget, current projects and their progress, all of these need to be reviewed. Have you met with your supervisor for an initial feedback session yet? What are your supervisor's top three concerns? Have you done an initial session with your people? Is a training program in place? Will you be doing any performance appraisals? Better start documenting accomplishments now. Network, find out who you work with laterally. Find out how to best facilitate the work of those you supervise. Lend a hand, yes, don't do the work for them. Good luck!

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Find the low-hanging fruit

by keithmt In reply to How to spend first month?

I've been here a few times myself and here's what I've done. First, talk to your staff and ask "what do we do well?", "what don't we do that we should?", what can we do better?". Second, get a good understanding of the environment you're now responsible for; technical/systems/budgets/people. Third, get out to the business and ask them the same questions above that you asked your department.
From this you should find some common threads that really hack people off (hopefully some the same for IT and the business). After a month to six weeks, look for the easy stuff you can fix that will have a real impact. I've yet to find an environment that doesn't have something you can change easily which can make a real difference. Don't under-estimate the power of your "honeymoon period". In the first 6 weeks you can get away with some things which will be harder later-on, so if something is hacking your guys off you should be able to wave a magic wand and build some early credibility.

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