How to stop Office/Outlook 2003 from synchronizing

By ebecca ·
This seems to be a common and frustrating problem, and I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. My computer periodically tells me that Microsoft Office 2003 is synchronizing folders. While it's doing that - and it takes awhile - not much else can happen. I use only one computer, and I have nothing to synchronize. Can anyone tell me how to turn off synchronization?
Thanks so much!

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by mark In reply to Not a Fix, and is a Pain, ...

This did not work for me. I have 6 different people getting this message now. But, I have recently added a SonicWall. The problem seemed to multiply when I added it.

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At last a solution

by philbright In reply to How to stop Office/Outloo ...

It has taken hours but I think I have got there!
System: Vista Business + Outlook 2007 with pop stand alone account.
LIke everyone else in this thread out of the blue Outlook stopped sending emails (recieving was ok) with the 'Outlook synchronizing folders' icon.
It actuall started intetmittently and tracking back it started after I used the new Microsoft Mobile Synch software for my PDA.
After much reseach, new profiles, new .psts, repairing, reinstalling...(we have all been there!) I have tracked down that there seems to be a bug in the synch software that sets a Vista reg entry that causes this problem!
Part of the solution is already posted to the thread...
From Run you have to enter
'netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled' and then form a new Run
'netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled'
Miraculously email can now be sent.
I have not tried reinstalling the synch software but at least I now have email back!!


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by mark In reply to At last a solution

This did not work either.

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Try repairing your .pst files

by faloons In reply to Sorry.

First locate where your pst files are stored. Next do a search for "scanpst" (it's installed with Outlook). Open the scanpst.exe file, browse to the pst files you previously located and run the program. Twenty errors were found and repaired when I did this last week and, so far, my sync problems have been resolved. I am cautiously optomistic as other solutions posted "fixed" the problem but only for a short time.

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No luck.

by mark In reply to Try repairing your .pst f ...

This did find errors ... and fixed them. But, in the last 8 minutes I have received 633 bytes of a 2.5MB email because of this synchronizing issue.

This solution did not work for me.

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No Scanpst on Office 2007

by dallasynot In reply to Try repairing your .pst f ...

I looked for Scanpst.exe on my Vista computer with Office 2007 but I don't see it. Is there this program?

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WMDC & Outlook sync

by willem In reply to At last a solution

Just to confirm, your scenario jolted my own memory. I have Vista Business x64 with Outlook 2007 (POP3) and HTC Touch PDA. Used WMDC (what limited functionality this offers!!)to sync with PDA. All worked fine until I decided I no longer wanted to sync my e-mail to my PDA, and dared to clear the tick on WMDC next to e-mail!! Then the Outlook sync issue started.

And just to clarify for the sake of other readers, the sync icon flickers so rapidly and the CPU usage shoots to 100%, so that it is not even possible to navigate in Outlook, to some of the menu options suggested in other posts. It's frozen!!

Unfortunately the CMD prompt commands that you suggest had no effect. But perhaps somebody knows something about WMDC and what it does to Outlook?

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My recollection

by mike In reply to WMDC & Outlook sync

I don't recall ever wanting to sync with anything except this account was connected with the email server at work and now is not. It was probably syncing with that server then.

I don't see the icon flicker (XP Pro and Outlook 2003). It appears to be steady in the try but just about all work stops while it is on. It does eventually go away.

Happy spring-time to you in SA )



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Happy With This Solution

by stevent In reply to How to stop Office/Outloo ...

I apologize if this has been resolved but I went through the first 40 or so posts and it hadn't been sufficiently resolved. I did everything suggested within reason there and it still did not work. But I have a solution that works for me.

The question has been, what is it synchronizing? Well, again, I don't know if that has been answered in the final posts, but at my end I am of the conclusion that it is synchronizing my Outlook Inbox with Inboxes for my POP3 Accounts. I have three accounts it checks when it 'synchronizes.'

What I finally did was create a folder in each account called 2Bsorted and then moved the hundreds of emails in each of my account's Inbox folders into the 2Bsorted folder for me to get to later.

Now it seems when Outlook syhchronizes its own Inbox with the Inbox for each of my POP3 accounts, they only have newly received emails in them, and it doesn't have to deal with anything extraneous, just those received emails. Of course this means that if emails stay in my Inboxes after download it will again make the synchronization sluggish so I have to ensure that the Inboxes stay as close to empty as possible all the time. Not sure what that does with filtered/sorted messages to the POP3 account's other folders. Perhaps it would help to also ensure that messages are Marked as Read so that they can be ignored if the synch process checks all available folders in the POP3 account for new mail?

Anyway, for now it is zipping along just fine. This would also explain why it never actually shuts off or can be shut off in the system tray. The statement that it is synchronizing folders appears to be a simple way for it saying that it is getting/sending the most recent emails.

Clean out your POP3 email account Inbox(es) and your Outlook Inbox. Solved it good enough for me.

Peace, out. Steve

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Microsoft was NO HELP

by dallasynot In reply to Happy With This Solution

I am having the same problem but it's intermittant. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I tried all the solutions on here and it didn't work. My computer is new. What's frustrating is it's a $5,000 new Sony Vaio. It has Vista on it and Office 2007. It seems to work fine at home but for some reason at work it does the SAME thing that all of you are describing.

Yesterday i broke down and called Microsoft and they agreed to help but ONLY after I agreed to pay u$s 49. They charged my credit card ASAP and gave me a case #. The Outlook desk was no help. They had me try all these things including unstalling my Norton anti-virus. I explained others were having this problem and told them to read this page but they didn't.

It's amazing as they have some E-Assist software and the agent can see your computer real-time. They couldn't figure it out. If Microsoft can't even figure out what's wrong....i think I have no hope......

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