How to stop Office/Outlook 2003 from synchronizing

By ebecca ·
This seems to be a common and frustrating problem, and I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. My computer periodically tells me that Microsoft Office 2003 is synchronizing folders. While it's doing that - and it takes awhile - not much else can happen. I use only one computer, and I have nothing to synchronize. Can anyone tell me how to turn off synchronization?
Thanks so much!

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by sussertown In reply to "Microsoft Office Outlook ...

I uninstalled my firewall product, System Mechanic Pro 7. I've tested it repeatedly and it's now working fine.

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i can not get rid if ms sync either-help please

by neil licht In reply to "Microsoft Office Outlook ...

ms is sync folders - kills outlook but none of my searches show how to get rid of it. Many suggestions, what works?

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Outlook Syncronization

by patricek In reply to "Microsoft Office Outlook ...

I have the same pb and I was stack for three days and finally Guest....check your outlook folders you may have sent a mail with attachments that are too heavy to send and they stack you program. Check all your sends and receive and delete all mail on outbox. Empty the recycle bin. and Restart your program.

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Let's take this again from the top, please.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How to stop Office/Outloo ...

-Exactly- what is synchronizing, Outlook, other Office files, or something else entirely? When you get a sync'ing message, is it in a separate window, at the bottom of an application, or is it displayed in some other manner? Is there more than one message, and would you repost them again?

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"Microsoft Office Outlook is Synchronizing Folders"

by JPK_ In reply to Let's take this again fro ...

The user is in outlook, working away. Suddenly there is a double-envelope icon in my Tasktray (down by the clock). If you hover over it, it pops up a dialogue box that says "Microsoft Office Outlook is synchronizing Folders". This causes outlook (and the PC in general) to become unusable for 5-10 minutes at a time. This is a Pop3 mail setup. The PC does not have any offline files enabled. This is the only error message.

The only other time I've seen this message is working in an exchange environment. When there is mail on the server and you're setting up a new outlook profile, it creates an .OST file on the client. While this OST is created it gives the "synchronizing folders" message as above.

Looking around on the web, the only other clue I have is that this message may be due to a server timeout. I have my user writing down the time of incident, which I'll give to my email host, but why only on this PC, which shares internet access with the whole office?

I'm thinking that the "Microsoft Office Outlook is Synchronizing Folders" error is not an accurate description of what is really going wrong, but an error message created for Exchange that Outlook is somehow referencing in Pop3 mode. I've looked (google, newsgroups, experts-exchange, technet) but have found no answer yet.

Many thanks to anyone who can lead to a solution. I'll also buy you your favorite cup of coffee.


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Try this

by CharlieSpencer In reply to "Microsoft Office Outlook ...

E-mail Accounts
View or Change Existing E-Mail Accounts
Select your POP3 account
More Settings
Unmark "Leave a copy of messages on the server".

If that doesn't do it, leave it set that way and add this

Send / Receive
Send / Receive Settings
Disable Scheduled Send / Receive

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Thanks Palmetto, but...

by ebecca In reply to Try this

been there, done that.

This is an amazingly frustrating problem. I've seen lots of people complain about it on the Net; I've never seen a solution.


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by ewillmes In reply to Try this

Sorry, but that doesn't cut it either

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Thanks for describing it, JP

by ebecca In reply to "Microsoft Office Outlook ...

Thanks for describing it so well, JP.

I don't think it's a server timeout, if I understand correctly what a server timeout would mean. The other two people here who use computers don't have this issue, and we all share the same Internet provider. I currently work from a laptop, but I had the problem on my desktop as well.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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by csteinke In reply to "Microsoft Office Outlook ...

You guys had pointed me in the right direction, but today I have definitively solved this screwy mess.

If you right click on each of the email folders and select "properties" you will see a check box: Automatically generate Microsoft Exchange views".

UNcheck this box on each email folder.

You will still get a very brief "synchronizing" message, but ONLY while it is actively linking to your POP account.

Try it...

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