How to stop Office/Outlook 2003 from synchronizing

By ebecca ·
This seems to be a common and frustrating problem, and I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. My computer periodically tells me that Microsoft Office 2003 is synchronizing folders. While it's doing that - and it takes awhile - not much else can happen. I use only one computer, and I have nothing to synchronize. Can anyone tell me how to turn off synchronization?
Thanks so much!

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Correcto Mondo!

by billjmail In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

Just a special thanks I have been going crazy with this synco BS for years.
OUTLOOK now works like a charm!
gracia Bill

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Just on Exchange server connected

by gunnarh In reply to Correcto Mondo!

This measure would just work for machines that are connected to Exchange servers as the Views are defined only there??? Your action sounds really weird to me..

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No exchange server here and yet

by pete In reply to Just on Exchange server c ...

this fix works very well

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by sherryreisman@austi.rr. In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

Thank you thank you thank you for this!!! I've been searching the web for FOREVER. I have disabled it...I sure hope this works :-) It looks very promising.

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It does not always work...

by rdpflueger In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

I unchecked every folder in my mailbox, but it did not resolve the problem. I am running Outlook 2007 SP2 and Vista Ultimate SP2. Not connected to any Exchange server... email account is POP3 from AT&T. Problem seems to get worse if I enable my Microsoft Live account in Outlook.

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How about you start your own NEW question.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to It does not always work.. ...

The original post is about 3 years old and asks questions about Office 2003 and XP, NOT 2007 and Vista.

Start your own NEW question and describe your system specs there.

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Ever hear of restore point?

by gfrlaser In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

Its simple and solves the problem. Simply restore to before it . Worked for me.

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This is the solution

by ewillmes In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

Thanks a Million. This is the solution. Why can't the guys from MS not come up with that????

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this did not work, any other ideas

by leaseit In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

I went through and made sure the box was unchecked but it still synchozies for a long time and my email doesn't send.

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by jam_pot In reply to I HAVE THE REAL SOLUTION

This does not work for me. I do not seem to have the check box that you refer to. Any other suggestions? I am using MS Office 2010.


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