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How to verify users over the phone to unlock a/cs

By rohitsingh751111 ·
Tags: Security
Hi need some IT advice.

If the company has branches all over the country. But there are no IT support at each branches. IF their a/cs are locked out, the person will call helpdesk. Just getting the name of the staff is not enough. Impostor over the phone might get the password.

What should be the secured yet fast , simple and efficient procedure when giving a password over the phone to a staff? that requires minimal budget.

How could he identify himself better over the phone? But helpdesk must let them unlock their a/cs quick enough to do their work.

Sending pwd thro' email doesn't work here as their a/cs are totally locked. They cannot access the windows (so email) at all.
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Sounds like a re-design is required.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How to verify users over ...

This sounds like the company needs a web portal to request those resets.

As to the email issue, most of us have google/yahoo/aol/other email and then we have text messaging as well.

A savvy IT lead can redesign this. If they can't, meet with your CIO/CEO/CIT and begin the search for a new IT lead.

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