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How well did our president do: Looking back at the Bush administration

By Aldanatech ·
Well, President Bush?s first term is almost up and elections are just around the corner. This would be a good time for us to look back at how good our president did this term and decide whether or not we should re-elect him for a second term. To help us out on that, I cited a set of documents that focus on his actions starting from 2001 until recently for us to freely view, analyze, and comment on them at our heart?s content. Please note that when I refer to Bush, I mean either him or anyone from his administration. Also, each of the sites work correctly at the time of this posting, so please excuse me if either of them don't work when you check them. Along your opinion, we would appreciate a reasonable explanation for your argument. This is a very important decision so we all must be sure on who to vote for.

2-7-2001 CNN - Bush almost closes White House AIDS and race offices.

3-3-2001 Washington Post - Bush lies about his tax cut.

3-9-2001 CNN - Bush postures over North Korea.

3-13-2001 CNN - Bush reverses stance on CO2 emissions.

3-20-2001 CNN - Bush keeps the arsenic levels in drinking water high.

3-20-2001 CNN - Bush signs ergonomics repeal.

3-22-2001 CNN - Bush ends ABA's role in selecting federal judges.

3-23-2001 - Bush cuts programs for children in his budget.

3-29-2001 CNN - Bush pulls out of the Kyoto treaty.

3-30-2001 Washington Post - Bush makes it easier for criminals to get federal contracts.

3-30-2001 Washington Post - Bush cuts police budget.

3-31-2001 Women's Enews - Bush closes White House Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach.

4-4-2001 USA Today - Bush declares open season on the national parks.

4-6-2001 San Francisco Chronicle - Bush removes protections for marine wildlife.

4-13-2001 CNN - Bush donates cash to the gay-bashing Boy Scouts.

4-12-2001 Washington Post - Bush makes it harder to put species on the endangered list.

4-12-2001 Washington Post - Bush tries to cut birth control coverage for federal workers.

4-12-2001 Washington Post - Bush delays release of a report linking dioxin consumption to cancer.

4-26-2001 - Bush makes a gaffe over Taiwan/China policy.

4-25-2001 Washington Post - Bush kills the federal tobacco lawsuit.

4-21-2001 Washington Post - Bush obstructs funding for stem cell research.

4-17-2001 USA Today - Bush auctions the rights to offshore Florida oil drilling.

4-14-2001 - Bush cuts funding to programs he's used as photo ops.

4-13-2001 Washington Post - Bush relaxes standards on appliance energy efficiency.

5-29-2001 CNN - Bush refuses to consider alleviating California's power woes with price caps.

5-17-2001 The NEPDG's report - Bush releases his energy plan.

5-11-2001 CNN - Bush uses high gas prices to sell his tax cut.

5-8-2001 - Bush cuts funding to anti-nuclear proliferation programs.

5-8-2001 CNN - Bush tries to build more nuclear power plants.

5-7-2001 White House briefing transcript - Bush refuses to ask Americans to conserve.

5-3-2001 Washington Post - Bush's budget numbers don't add up.

5-1-2001 CNN - Bush returns the world to a Cold War-level arms race.

6-8-2001 St. Petersburg Times - Bush keeps protesters at bay.

6-8-2001 Washington Post - Bush accelerates missile defense plans.

6-7-2001 CNN - Bush signs his enormous tax cut.

6-7-2001 Washington Post - Bush caves to steel industry's threat against retired workers.

6-22-2001 - Bush uses the IRS and federal funds to send out a campaign letter.

6-20-2001 CNN - Bush seeks settlement for tobacco lawsuit.

6-15-2001 - Washington Post Bush denies Africans AIDS drugs through international aid agency.

7-27-2001 USA Today - Bush jails a journalist for not revealing her sources.

7-26-2001 Washington Post - Bush officially rejects germ warfare treaty protocol.

7-24-2001 Washington Post - Bush isolates United States in denying support for Kyoto treaty.

7-19-2001 CNN - Bush refuses to turn over energy task force records.

8-28-2001 Washington Post - Bush skips an international conference on racism.

8-23-2001 CNN - Bush announces that the United States will withdraw from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

8-23-2001 Washington Post - Bush cooks budget numbers.

8-15-2001 Washington Post - Bush delays Medicaid reforms.

8-11-2001 Washington Post - Bush rejects request for review of Karl Rove's finances.

8-11-2001 Washington Post - Bush eases ethical restrictions on stem cells.

8-10-2001 Washington Post - Bush refuses to fund research on stem cells derived from new embryos.

8-9-2001 Washington Post - Bush eases rules on wetlands development.

8-8-2001 Washington Post - Bush eases Clinton rules on industrial pollution.

8-2-2001 - Bush undermines House efforts to develop a bipartisan patients' bill of rights.

9-24-2001 Washington Post - Bush tries to end arms sanctions.

9-17-2001 Washington Post - Bush looks to curb civil liberties.

10-26-2001 Washington Post - Bush signs the antiterrorism bill.

10-26-2001 Washington Post - Bush overturns mining regulations.

10-21-2001 Washington Post - Bush approves the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

10-19-2001 Washington Post - Bush lies to Congress about affect of oil drilling in ANWR on caribou.

11-29-2001 Washington Post - Bush allows pesticide experiments involving humans.

11-9-2001 Washington Post - Bush eliminates the basic right of attorney-client privilege.

11-7-2001 Washington Post - Bush closes office dedicated to protecting the Everglades.

11-7-2001 Washington Post - Bush forces terminally ill Oregonians to die painful deaths.

11-2-2001 CNN - Bush gives Microsoft a free pass.

11-2-2001 Washington Post - Bush overturns the 1978 Presidential Records Act.

12-22-2001 CNN - Bush defunds international organizations that provide abortions or abortion counseling to poor women.

12-28-2001 Washington Post - Bush makes it possible for criminals to get federal contracts.

12-19-2001 Chicago Sun-Times - Bush ends federal programs for women.

12-14-2001 Washington Post - Bush invokes executive privilege over 30-year-old mobster case.

12-13-2001 CNN - Bush abandons ABM treaty.

12-11-2001 Washington Post - Bush changes the rules for nuclear waste-storage facility.

1-30-2002 Washington Post - Bush invents the "axis of evil."

1-30-2002 CNN - Bush tries to limit Congressional probes of September 11 terrorist attacks.

1-15-2002 San Francisco Chronicle - Bush seeks to drill for oil off the California coast.

1-15-2002 UPI - Bush plans to store--rather than destroy--nuclear weapons slated for reduction.

1-15-2002 Washington Post - Bush relaxes environmental rules on wetlands development.

1-14-2002 Washington Post - Bush muzzles Fish and Wildlife objections to wetlands development rules.

1-12-2002 Washington Post - Bush puts a hold on U.N. family-planning funds.

3-30-2002 Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Bush rejects environmental review of drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

3-22-2002 Washington Post - Bush attacks medical privacy.

3-21-2002 Washington Post - Bush's Justice Department considers lifting civil rights decree against hotel chain.**06-2002Mar20?Found=true

3-20-2002 Washington Post - Bush plans massive overhaul of regulatory system.

3-19-2002 Washington Post - Bush makes prescription drugs less safe for children.

3-15-2002 Washington Post - Bush lifts restrictions on aid to Colombia.

2-26-2002 CNN - Bush tells welfare mothers to find husbands.

2-15-2002 CNN - Bush backs Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site.

2-15-2002 Washington Post - Bush releases his laughable global warming plan.

2-14-2002 Washington Post - Bush pursues drilling for oil off the coast of California.

6-14-2002 Washington Post -Bush refuses to enforce an important provision of the Clean Air Act.

6-13-2002 Time - Bush robs an American citizen of his constitutional rights.,8599,262065,00.html

6-12-2002 Washington Post - Bush shields missile defense plans from congressional oversight.

6-12-2002 Washington Post - Bush refuses to issue proclamation for Gay Pride Month--again.

6-10-2002 Washington Post - Bush develops "strike first" military policy.

6-7-2002 Associated Press - Bush won't halt oil drilling in California like he did in Florida.

5-28-2002 San Jose Mercury News - Bush pushes abstinence-only sex education.

5-24-2002 Washington Post - Bush signs ineffective nuclear arms treaty.

5-14-2002 Washington Post - Bush sells September 11 picture for Republican fundraiser.

5-6-2002 BBC - Bush expands the axis of evil.

4-30-2002 Washington Post - Bush tries to end student loan consolidation program.

4-26-2002 Washington Post - Bush lets mining companies dump waste into streams.

4-18-2002 Washington Post - Bush removes Democrats from bipartisan defense panels.

4-17-2002 Chicago Tribune - Bush endorses antidemocratic coup in Venezuela.

4-16-2002 USA Today - Bush considers eliminating requirements for testing children for lead.

4-5-2002 Washington Post - Bush proposes voluntary ergonomic rules for industry.

12-21-2002 BBC News - Bush blocks agreement that would provide cheap drugs to the world's poor.

12-19-2002 - Bush attacks reproductive rights at an international conference.

12-16-2002 Washington Post - Bush supports new methods for calculating tax burdens on the wealthy to garner public sympathy for them.

12-13-2002 Washington Post - Bush implements faith-based initiative without Congressional approval.

12-11-2002 Washington Post - Bush signals an increased willingness to use nuclear weapons.

11-30-2002 Washington Post - Bush cuts pay raises of federal workers and blames it on the terror war.

11-27-2002 CNN - Bush names Henry Kissinger to lead probe into the causes of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

11-25-2002 Daily Mirror - Bush undermines U.N. weapons inspectors as they begin their work in Iraq.

11-12-2002 Washington Post - Bush creates military database of information on every American.

11-12-2002 Mother Jones - Bush gives the military access to students' private records.

11-12-2002 Chicago Tribune - Bush reverses snowmobile ban in Yellowstone Park.

10-17-2002 New York Daily News - Bush opposes gun fingerprinting.

9-21-2002 Washington Post - Bush changes U.S. foreign policy strategy from deterrence to preemptive strikes and military dominance.

9-17-2002 Washington Post - Bush eliminates scientific advisory boards whose conclusions don't match his ideology.

8-14-2002 Washington Post - Bush holds ridiculous sham of an economic forum.

8-7-2002 Washington Post - Bush ignores judge's orders on U.S. citizen labeled an enemy combatant.

7-31-2002 CNN - Bush undermines corporate responsibility bill right after he signs it.

7-23-2002 Washington Post - Bush refuses to fund United Nations Population Fund.

7-23-2002 Washington Post - Bush reverses all diplomatic progress made with Iran.

7-16-2002 Washington Post - Bush sabotages court cases against polluters.

7-4-2002 Washington Post - Bush lies twice about an stock sale made years ago.

7-1-2002 Washington Post - Bush aggressively pursues the death penalty.

1-3-2003 San Francisco Chronicle - Bush kills Labor Department report on mass layoffs.

1-3-2003 USA Today - Bush grants taxpayer funds to religious organizations to promote marriage.

1-16-2003 Washington Post - Bush joins court fight against affirmative action.

1-15-2003 CNN - Bush declares "National Sanctity of Human Life Day."

1-7-2003 Washington Post - Bush proposes yet more tax cuts for the rich.

1-31-2003 Associated Press - Bush proposes changing labor laws.

2-4-2003 Washington Post - Bush cuts aid to the poor in his budget.

2-2-2003 Washington Post - Bush weakens "dolphin-safe tuna" regulations.

2-16-2003 San Diego Union-Tribune - Bush cuts education for military dependents.

2-13-2003 BBC News - Bush proposes no aid for Afghanistan.

2-8-2003 Washington Post - Bush proposes more restrictions on civil liberties.

2-26-2003 Detroit Free Press - Bush restricts family-planning programs from AIDS-prevention funds.

2-20-2003 Washington Post - Bush explores creating new nuclear weapons.

3-1-2003 Washington Post Bush opens Alaska forest to logging.

3-5-2003 Washington Post - Bush proposes pushing seniors into private insurance plans for a Medicare prescription drug benefit.

3-8-2003 Washington Post - Bush fakes evidence on Iraq.

3-11-2003 Washington Post - Bush discontinues budget report to states.

3-17-2003 Washington Post - Bush breaks his promise to call for a second United Nations resolution.

3-18-2003 Mother Jones - Bush undermines international treaty on tobacco.

3-21-2003 Washington Post - Bush invades Iraq.

3-22-2003 ABC News - Bush requests secret bids for post-war aid contracts in Iraq.

3-26-2003 Washington Post - Bush uses the war in Iraq to justify his tax cut.

4-25-2003 ABC News - Bush lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to justify war.

4-30-2003 Newsweek - Bush suppresses September 11 report.

4-26-2003 Washington Post - Bush defends Senator Santorum after anti-gay remarks.

4-19-2003 Washington Post - Bush privatizes federal jobs.

5-30-2003 Washington Post - Bush blocks human rights cases from reaching U.S. courts.

5-28-2003 CNN - Bush signs another huge tax cut.

5-28-2003 Mother Jones - Bush ensures that hydrogen cars will still pollute.

5-25-2003 Scotland on Sunday - Bush makes Columbia shuttle investigation more secretive.

5-21-2003 Washington Post - Bush tries to revive military database of every American with public relations push.

5-16-2003 Knight Ridder Newspapers - Bush charges dozens of people as terrorists for no reason.

5-12-2003 Newsweek - Bush fails to protect Iraqi nuclear site from looting.

5-8-2003 Washington Post - Bush lies about aircraft carrier landing.

5-7-2003 USA Today - Bush interferes with Canada's decriminalization of marijuana.

6-27-2003 CNN - Bush proposes to eliminate overtime for 8 million American workers.

6-23-2003 Washington Post - Bush pushes school-sponsored religious activities.

6-20-2003 The Globe and Mail - Bush intimidates non-governmental organizations.

6-17-2003 Washington Post - Bush guts Americorps.

6-7-2003 Washington Post - Bush refuses to issue proclamation for Gay Pride Month--again.

6-3-2003 Washington Post - Bush eases media ownership rules.

9-28-2003 Washington Post - Bush discloses undercover CIA agent's identity as retribution against her husband.

9-23-2003 Washington Post - Bush takes away the discretion of career prosecutors.

9-22-2003 Associated Press - Bush gives federal funds to religious groups.**.htm

9-21-2003 The Observer - Bush tries to cover up global warming.,6903,1046363,00.html

9-17-2003 Washington Post - Bush continues to hide energy task force proceedings.

9-11-2003 Washington Post - Bush uses the September 11 attacks to justify all his policies.

9-11-2003 Washington Post - Bush tries to expand the Patriot Act.

9-10-2003 Agence France-Presse - Bush tries to expand the death penalty.

9-1-2003 USA Today - Bush allows the sale of PCB-polluted lands.

8-29-2003 Associated Press - Bush expands global abortion gag rules.

8-29-2003 Washington Post - Bush chooses not to regulate auto emissions.

8-29-2003 Associated Press - Bush cuts Energy Star program.,2610,106400,00.html

8-28-2003 Washington Post - Bush awards no-bid contracts to Halliburton.

8-27-2003 Associated Press - Bush cites war on terror as reason for small federal pay raise.

8-23-2003 Washington Post - Bush relaxes clean air rules.

8-18-2003 Time - Bush defunds Teach for America.,9565,476274,00.html

8-17-2003 Washington Post - Bush blocks plan to upgrade nation's power grid.

8-14-2003 San Francisco Chronicle - Bush cuts pay for soldiers in Iraq.

8-12-2003 New York Daily News - Bush uses the IRS and federal funds to send out a campaign letter -- again.

8-7-2003 Washington Post - Bush seeks retribution for judges who use their discretion in sentencing.

8-6-2003 New York Times - Bush proposes cuts to Medicare funding for cancer drugs.

7-31-2003 CBS News - Bush promotes a federal ban on gay marriage.

7-31-2003 Guardian - Bush shuts down nuclear weapons advisory panel.,3604,1009460,00.html

7-16-2003 The Nation - Bush exposes an undercover CIA agent in an act of petty vengeance.

7-8-2003 Washington Post - Bush proposes weakening Head Start.

7-6-2003 USA Today - Bush continues to push for new nuclear weapons.

10-20-2003 USA Today - Bush pleads with China and Japan to save him from his economic failures.

10-15-2003 Washington Post - Bush uses EPA funds to make campaign ads.

10-15-2003 CBS - Bush misrepresents evidence on Iraq to the United Nations.

10-11-2003 Washington Post - Bush proposes loosening protections of endangered species.

10-8-2003 CNN - Bush begins new public relations campaign on Iraq.

10-3-2003 White House Proclamation - Bush declares Marriage Protection Week.

10-1-2003 CNN - Bush does nothing to reveal who disclosed Valerie Plame's identity.

8-23-2004 Sports Illustrated - Bush takes advantage of the Iraq Soccer team for political purposes.

Additional Information:

1) By August 7th 2004, The New York Times estimates the Cost of war to be over $144.4 billion.

2) During the war in Iraq, the reported total number of dead US soldiers rose to over 1,000, reported soldiers wounded in action to over 6,400, and average dead Iraqi civilians to around 12,000. Some media sources claim however the number or Iraqi civilian casulties actually exceeds 20,000.

3) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the Bush administration the unemployment rate rose from around 4% in 2001 to over 5% in 2004, millions of jobs were lost, and the national budget went from over $200 Billion in suplus by 2000 to over $500 Billion in deficit by 2004.

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Who are you talking to again?

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz, if you go back and re ...

The post starts as if you had lead me into something, which you did not and NO your post says F-All, especially on a psychology perspective, or is that this week's career?

Secondly you are speaking out of turn, it's Max's turn to say something **** and childish, not yours.

And why did you start your post referring to ME as YOU and then finish by saying HE?

Are you talking to me or should you PM Max?

You don't have the mentality to deal with psychlology, you have proven your strong personal biases toward other races, you would flunk psyche 101 in a week.

If you could prove even a single one of your insane analogies as being relevant or aplicable I would concede the discussion. As you simply can't because you speak complete and utter nonsense, I will not.

Just to clear up, the Hydro box outside my home was a VERY expensive install for the equipment I operate from here, no it's not a standard residential connection as you so stupidly commented. I also need a stable 220 in my studio, you have obviously never watched a VU meter after being pushed through tube amps into an analogue board from standard shared 220? NOr od you understand the first thing about music engineering and production, if you did you'd know better as anyone doing production/engineering has one.

Now you speak of psychology and a need to be noticed, sorry, I forgot about editing posts and reposted to add my thoughts I had missed, yet you speak to me at first, to someone else (I assume Maxwell) later and then close by saying WE, implying EVERYONE else on Tech Republic (several thousand). That is before finding a need to also put down my family, well done.

What you have done here is displayed
"a):- Feelings of insecurity engendered by a learning disability causing problems in the assimilation and comprehension of basic knowledge and information. "

One would also chalk it up to a sad existence and a lack of real friends outside your basement. A need for acceptance shown by peer assimilation.

The rest of your bullspit applies too but I won't bother as I think it is complete garbage, even when aimed at you.

For an old codger you can be REALLY be immature and very wrong. I know your only task here is to push buttons, not just mine I see you do it all the time. This is also another sign of bitterness towards people who you feel are more successful in life than yourself and you show it in a form of resentment. You are a textbook case,not exactly a tough one to see for who you really are.

Now you mmay notice that this post is an example of talking to one person directly, I haven't spoken to others I haven't spoken on BEHALF of others, just one on one, which is appropriate because I was answering your post, nobody else's and I don't need to rally support for my opinion in order to feel confident in it.

This also discounts your thoughts of fighting for attention, which you display in EVERY post and title whether you have a point or not, note you have NEVER corrected me or had a point YET, you just reiterate what people say as if you are correcting them. You display nothing but insecurity and doubt in your own words, only a moron wouldn't see this in you, it is rather elementary to say the least. Do you still say "ALL THE OTHER KIDS HAVE ONE? when you want something?

So while you gather your four or five personalities, or both friends to debate your answer, remember I am ONE person you are one person. You need to develop an ability to speak one on one, instead of first person, third person. Then you have the audacity to comment on MY grammar? You have barely formed a single logical sentence.

Actually, don't bother. I will not bother responding to ANY of your bullspit either.

You are not worth the condom you were squeezed from. You make no sense whatsoever, people keep telling me to ignore you and you will go away but you don't, you have an issue you need to get over. Stop your infatuation and stop flattering yourself that I may be the least bit interested in you or what you have to say and most definitely don't think I care the least bit about what you or anyone else thinks of me, unlike yourself I have no need to fight for acceptance.

You are a disgrace to your country, you are a disgrace as a professional in the field, you are simply a DISGRACE to humanity. God must have lost a bet when he made you, you are completely useless as a human being and a member of society. Had you offered even one WORD of logic in any of your posts here you may have retained credibility, instead you proved beyind a shadow of a doubt, you are an obnoxious, backward, loud mouthed, shut-in who deperately begs for friends and attention, you will stop nowhere in your quest for false superiority and even more phony friendships.


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Well we we're talking behind your back Oz !!!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Oz, if you go back and re ...

It has bcome evident to all that despite all your rants to the contrary and your rants go on for pages and pages ad nauseum, to the point where the overall conclusion is that you are a paranoid personality with a learning disability. I asked you once before if you were dyslexic but you denied it. Since then your behavior has become increasingly erratic and it has now been taken as a given that you are paranoid. Efforts to deny it will only confirm us in our belief of this. It must be very difficult for your family to put up with. You really are a sad little fellow. You claim insults and refer to names I call you but really all I am doing is replying to your posts, as erroneous and misguided as they are.

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by vltiii In reply to Will Bush further weaken ...

...and of course surveys are always unbiased.

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Why is Bush still not clear on the mission in Iraq?

by Aldanatech In reply to How well did our presiden ...

Bush: "Our mission is clear in Iraq. Should we have to go in, our mission is very clear: disarmament." [Bush Remarks, 3/6/03]

Bush: "America sent you on a mission to remove a grave threat and to liberate an oppressed people, and that mission has been accomplished." [Bush Remarks, 6/5/03]

Bush: "We will see that Iraq is free and self-governing and democratic. We will accomplish our mission." [Bush Remarks, 5/4/04]

Bush: "Our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan is clear. We?ll help new leaders train their army so they can do the hard work of defending themselves against a few who want to deny the hopes of the many." [Bush Remarks, 9/4/04]

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by ND_IT In reply to Why is Bush still not cle ...

What's unclear? Mission to remove Saddam and WMD, along with that we helped establish a new government in Iraq as we did in Afganistan. And will help these new governments establish themselves as part of the world community. Sounds pretty clear to me.

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Then perhaps you can explain...

by Aldanatech In reply to Ummm

Then perhaps you can explain why Bush first said that the "very clear" mission to go to Iraq was disarmament.

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by ND_IT In reply to Then perhaps you can expl ...

Do you actually think that Saddam did not have aspirations of having WMD?? If so, you are blind. He even used them on his own people! We had very much reason that he possesed them or had aspiratons to to do so. Even Tommy Franks in his book believed there was WMD, and even though there was no large stockpiles found, there would have been plenty of time to moved weapons out of country. And even if disarmament was the mission, we weren't going to just leave Saddam in power, that would have been a huge mistake, so removing Saddam and establishing a free Iraq was also part of that mission. That should have been done in the first place, but the UN got it's panties in a was because we were pushing so far into Iraq after we ejected them from Kuwait, that other Arab nations in the region were upset, so we backed off and left Saddam in power and for 12 long years we played the game of contaiment. Economic sactions, weapons inpectors that were kicked out in 1998, and the constant shooting at US and UK planes over the no fly zones. Enough is enough, Europe tried to contain Germany and look what happened. Sure, there were weapons inpectors in Iraq after 12 years, but Saddam made their job difficult, stalling them. Same old song. Take off the blinders and look at the big picture of Iraq, it needed to be dealt with.

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by Aldanatech In reply to Sure

However, Bush removed the weapons inspectors before they could complete their job and sent our troops into war virtually alone. Without our allies, this war turned out to far more difficult, far bloodier, and far more expensive that we could ever expect. Now we have over 1000 US soldiers death, thousands others wounded, thousands of Iraqis death, millions and millions of dollars spent every day, and we are still not making that much progress. Desert storm was a success because of our allies? support. This time we did not do it that way and now there you have it.

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If you were a weapons inspector...

by ND_IT In reply to However...

Would you want to be around when the bombs started falling? Bush gave an ultimatum to Saddam and Saddam failed to comply, remove the inspectors and send in the calvary. Recontructing a country takes years, if not decades, it doesn't happen overnight. Having allies support is nice, but I want a president that does best for what he thinks for the US, not a president who wants the world's apporval for everything US does. If we have allies, that's great, but I don't think we should have to *** kiss some other little country to support our foreign policy, get real.

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Bush gave an ultimatum to Saddam and Saddam failed to comply

by Oz_Media In reply to If you were a weapons ins ...

No. Saddam HAD failed to comply with inspections in the past. When Iraq was invaded, weapons ispectors were completeig inspections ON schedule and efectively. Bush thought they were beig mislead and not allowed to do their jobs properly because they hadn't returned the "stockpiles of WMD" that he was syre Saddam had.

He then REMOVED INSPECTORS HIMSELF, so as to go and invade Iraq.

The resolution was supposed to be a USE OF FORCE TO MAKE SURE INSPECTIONS FINISH. They were not licked out bty Saddam and were doing their jobs as hoped when Bush decided to pull the plug and invade Iraq. Not to invade Iraq.

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