HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashing Microsoft Word 97

By Mozster ·

We print over a Windows Server 2003 network to HPLJ 4250 printers.

Recently when choosing the File, Print dialogue box in Microsoft Word, Word just closes downs.
If you choose the print icon in Word it works but File, Print and then properties causes it to exit.

I've tried updating the drivers on the network to version HP Laserjet 4250 PCL 6 (61.74.561.43) but the same problem occurs after that on the workstations.
I've also tried a PCL5 driver which worked for a few days and then the problem came back.

Used to work fine until we introduced a HP Colour LJ3600 to the print server.
I've since deleted this back off along with its drivers but still I have my end user 4250 problem.

Any ideas?

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Local printer

by patb071 In reply to HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashi ...

Have you set the printer up as a local printer? By creating a new port then selecting tcp\ip?

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Networked Printer

by Mozster In reply to Local printer

The way we set them up is install it locally on the Windows 2003 printer server pointing to a port of HP TCP/IP with the ip address of the printer.

After that the end users under Windows XP browse the printers listed in the Active Directory, double click on the one they need and it installs to their XP Workstation.

Printer prints everything fine under all other Windows apps, its only Microsoft Word that has started giving the problem.
This is happening across around 5 XP Workstations so it can't be a problem with the local build of the PC.

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HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashing Microsoft Word 97

by srikant8 In reply to HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashi ...

try install office 2003 in the pc which have problem

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by cmiller5400 In reply to HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashi ...

Try using a laserjet 4 print driver on the print server instead of the LJ4250 driver. I've seen some older applications not like the newer drivers.

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by Mozster In reply to Try...

We can't migrate to Office 2003 just yet due to admin staff issues!

HPLJ 4 driver sounds a good plan but by doing this will I lose the extra printer functionality like the 3 tray selection and duplexing printing?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Thanks

I'd try a HP LJ4si or a 5si driver if the LJ4 doesn't have the functionality you need.

Good Luck!!

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try turning off the

by w2ktechman In reply to HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashi ...

I forget the setting name, but it is something like Advanced Functions or some crap
This setting kills lots of apps.

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server 2003

by SPC_TCOL In reply to HP LASERJET 4250 - Crashi ...

Maybe you have a server problem.

What print manager on the server are you using?

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Print Manager

by Mozster In reply to server 2003


On Windows Server 2003 we just use the built in print spooler service to add/manage the printers. There is no HP additional software installed on the server - just the printer drivers.


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